About Us

MockTest.In: Where Learning Meets Innovation

Born from a Crisis, Fueled by Passion

MockTest.In isn’t your average test prep company. We’re a band of ed-tech enthusiasts brought together by the tides of the COVID lockdown.

We saw a generation of students stranded, yearning to keep learning and excel. That’s when the spark ignited – a platform to deliver high-quality educational content, practice drills, and simulated mock tests that felt real.

Quality You Can Trust, Seamlessly Delivered

We didn’t just throw up some practice questions and call it a day. We built a platform designed for impactful learning. Our meticulously crafted mock tests mimic real exam experiences, giving you the confidence you need to ace your next challenge – be it school, college, university, or that dream competitive exam.

The Masterminds Behind the Magic

Neil Sardesai: This tech whiz, with a background working for tech giants in the US and India, is the brains behind our practice tests and mock tests. From Linux and C++ to Python and Data Structures, Neil’s got your tech skills covered!

Angad Chatwal: This engineer-turned-MBA is obsessed with the beautiful marriage of education and technology. Angad has built online learning and exam platforms for leading institutions worldwide, and he brings that expertise to MockTest.In.

Shreya Pradhan: Don’t let the “Co-editor” title fool you! Shreya’s a master of the English language, honed by her teaching experience in top schools and colleges across India. This avid blogger and globetrotter brings her flair for language and a global perspective to the table.

Maitreyi Verma: This math whiz with a postgraduate degree lives for creating content and sharing her knowledge. As co-editor, Maitreyi works with experienced educators worldwide to bring you the highest quality educational content possible.

Together, we’re passionate about making education accessible, engaging, and effective. Join us on your journey to exam success!