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Why CCNA Certificate and How CCNA can Benefit Career Growth for Engineers

Are you looking for job as Network Engineer than CCNA is your best choice and one the most easy way of securing high paying job. Read this article on Why CCNA Certificate and How CCNA can Benefit Career Growth for Engineers

What is CCNA?

CCNA is a certificate exam conducted by CISCO, a leading IT infrastructure company. Cisco has strong portfolio of products, solutions and services in the world of Information Technology. Some of key products are:

  1. Networking – Switches, Routers and other wireless devices.
  2. Wireless and Mobility – Access points, controllers etc
  3. Security – SecureX platform and secure firewall
  4. Data Center – Cisco Unified Computing Sydtem
  5. Internet of Things – Industrial networking
  6. Software – Cisco+ as-a-service and Cisco DNA softwares for wireless

These are just few, the list is endless and new products and services are frequently introduced by Cisco.

Interesting? Isn’t it.

When the company of this magnitude is offering certificate, it should be the dream of every IT Engineer to grab this opportunity.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification or CCNA is the premier certificate offered by Cisco and it the most coveted credentials in technology industry.

If want to have one the most promising career in IT space, getting CCNA is the most significant certificate to hold.

What the advantages of CCNA?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification empowers the programmers to install, design, operate and trouble route and switch systems.

CCNA certified experts can make connections with remote sites by means of a wide area network (WAN), moderate essential system security threats, and comprehend basic systems administration concepts and terminology.

So, for range of opportunities in technology industry it imperative to select a course like CCNA.

Why to Certify CCNA?

To stay competitive:

Look around, there millions of aspirants in technology jobs and I need not tell you, today how many engineers pass out every year. It is mindboggling but, getting this certificate will take you miles ahead of this cutthroat competition. CCNA is also the proof of knowledge, a very strong aptitude and an ability to learn when most needed.

It has been observed that CCNA certified employees or aspirants are the most sought after people by HR Managers because they induce a deep rooted trust to connect, secure and automate Cisco networks across the globe.

According to a 2019 Tech Manager Survey, by Cisco, it absolutely clear that 99% of the organizations, during hiring consider technical certification as a marker.

Today, CCNA is considered as first point for highly successful career in IT and networking.

To Develop and Specialize

It is imperative to learn new challenges an ever changing IT and networking industry. CCNA provides you an opportunity to develop and specialize in a particular niche. Every certificate not only get you ahead of the competition but, also build a strong subject expertise required to convince IT industry.

Path towards Personal Fulfilment

CCNA Certificate is not just an accomplishment that helps in career advancement, salary rise and new exciting career opportunities, it is also a path towards personal growth and fulfilling life.

If you are pursuing engineering in IT or completed any engineering specialization, no matter which, you are eligible for CCNA. Though Cisco has never specified the basic criteria and it is open to all but, some knowledge is desired to understand and pass CCNA certification exam.

Why are you waiting to be toppled by the competition? Enrol today in one the most sought after course and get certified.

I have found one excellent course on Udemy to Practice Questions for CCNA 200-301 Exam 2022.