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What are MCQ Questions and How to Practice for MCQ Exams

Why MCQ tests are so popular?

MCQ questions are gaining popularity because more and more examinations are now conducted online. The advancement of technology and global pandemic has compelled schools, universities, UPSC, state public service commissions, IBPS, Railway Recruitment Board, CDS, NDA, IIT JEE, NEET and other important exams to go online. Multi Choice Questions has the ability to test the knowledge of respondents on broad array of a particular topic.

If you are a student, job aspirant and or preparing for competitive examinations, you must know more about MCQ question types.

What are the different parts of MCQ questions?

MCQ Questions or Multiple Choice Question consists of two parts:

1. Stem or the Question itself: This is the soul of MCQ question type. This part could be a question or a statement or could be a collection of statements to check respondents knowledge on broad subject areas. Respondent has to prepare the entire topic or subject including the reading of entire text because MCQ could come from a statement in the text. After reading, respondent has to prepare or devise different questions which could asked. In short, MCQ question type can test your exam readiness.

2. Options: After question respondents will find answer options. The options normally could be 4 or more. Options are divided into two types:

(A) Correct Answer/s: There could one or more correct answer/s. If its single choice MCQ than there will be one correct answer. But, there could more than one correct answer, if mentioned in instructions. So, always read the instructions carefully. The correct option is often called as KEY.

(B) Distractors: As the name suggests these are misleading options but, very close to the correct option to confuse you before you tick the correct answers. Distractors make MCQ question types very difficult. As respondent you must be able to differentiate between the correct answer and the distractors.

Lets take an example:

Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games? ………………>This is stem or the question
………………..>This is a Distractor
………………..>This is a Distractor
………………..>This is the Correct Answer or the Key
………………..>This is a Distractor

You can see from the above example that the distractors meant to confuse you. This is what makes MCQ questions difficult.

How to practice MCQ questions?

There are two ways to practice MCQs, first you read the entire text on the topic or second practice as many MCQs as possible on that topic. Ideally you should do both.

At our team has compiled tons of MCQ practice sets for all competitive exams, our module will give you an option to check your knowledge by selecting one answer which you verify by clicking on view answer tab. The most appreciating thing about our MCQ practice set is that once you click on the view answer tab you will be shown answer explanation. This way you will gain additional information about the question. Isn’t it amazing tool to prepare for competitive exam?

Example of our practice question. (click on view answer tab)

Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games? ………………..>This is stem or the question
………………..>This is a Distractor
………………..>This is a Distractor
………………..>This is the Correct Answer or the Key
………………..>This is a Distractor
View Answer
Correct Answer: C. Four

At the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, Lewis won gold medals in the 100-metre (9.9 sec) and 200-metre (19.8 sec) races, in the long jump (8.54 metres [28.02 feet]), and as a member of the U.S. 4 × 100-metre relay team, which he anchored. Lewis became the third track-and-field athlete to win four gold medals in one Olympics, joining Americans Alvin Kraenzlein (1900) and Jesse Owens, the latter of whom won the same four events at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin that Lewis won in Los Angeles.

Lewis added two more gold medals and a silver medal at the 1988 Games in Seoul, becoming the first Olympic athlete to win consecutive long-jump gold medals, with a leap of 8.72 metres (28.61 feet). Lewis had the four best jumps in the competition, and his Olympic title was part of a long string of consecutive long-jump victories that extended over several years during the 1980s. Lewis’s other gold medal at the 1988 Games came in the 100 metres (9.92 sec), after Canadian Ben Johnson, who had won in world-record time (9.79 sec), was disqualified three days later after testing positive for anabolic steroids. Lewis settled for a silver in the 200 metres.

MCQ exams MCQ tests are difficult because apart from basic definations respondents are expected to know intrinsic details of the subject matter. We, on this portal are trying make your (respondents) life simple.

What are common misconceptions of MCQ exams

“MCQ questions are easy and test superficial knowledge”

This very misconception leads to low scores and ranking in MCQ exams. MCQ questions have the ability to test your knowledge on all possible areas of the topic or the entire subject. The correct answer and distractors are put in the option format, now you have do the calculations, if its math or physics or you have recollect the text to choose the correct option. It can test your knowledge better than essay type. If you ask me, it only cannot test the essay expression. But it is extremely powerful technique to test overall knowledge. So, keep no misconceptions.

“Tick option C, it is the most common answer option”

Now hey…, many people will tell you that examiners are lazy and careless and normally will keep C option as the correct option in MCQ questions. Don’t fall for such misconception, because with the technology advancement the answers are randomized today. Even the sequence of questions from one respondents to the other is different. So, with random questions and random answer option, no one can predict the right answer.

How to answer MCQ exam questions?

  • Golden rule to answer MCQ questions in an online exam is to first answer all simple questions. Flag the difficult ones for later. This way you will get more time for tough questions.
  • You must read the instruction carefully as sometimes the MCQ question may have more than one correct answer.
  • Just don’t glance at the question, read it carefully and select the right logical answer. Sometimes examiners include silly, illogical distractors which you can spot easily.
  • One very simple but powerful tip is to cover the answer options while reading the question. This way you can come up with answer fast without looking at the distractor options.
  • If there is no negative marking, try and answer all the questions. You may get few more marks out of no where. But if, the exam has the negative marking, attempt only your sure of.
  • Reasoning is the best way to eliminate wrong answers
  • It is better to rephrase the question to know if you can recollect the right answer.

Where can I Practice MCQ question types for UPSC state PSCs, IBPS, RRB, Bank PO, CDS and other competitive exams?

There are many good portals to practice. We at, constantly add new practice sets on all the subjects and try to keep it topic-wise to make it easy. If you are preparing for UPSC, state PSCs or any other competitive exam or you are a student and want increase your knowledge to get well rounded personality, visit and keep practicing for free.

if you have any questions about MCQ question types or online MCQ exams after reading this guide – What are MCQ Questions and How to Practice for MCQ Exams, do not hesitate to ask through our contact form, we will be happy to answer all your queries.