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Pharmacology MCQs with Answers

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Top Pharmacology MCQs with Answers 

1. The science which deals with the drug and their action on human body is called-

(a) Physiology

(b) Pathology

(c) Pharmacology

(d) Microbiology

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Ans: c

2. The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drug is known as-

(a) Pharmacy

(b) Pharmacokinetics

(c) Pharmacodynamics

(d) Pharmacopoeia

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Ans: b

3. The science which is concerned with the study of mechanism of action of drug and pharmacological effects produced on the human body is known as-

(a) Pharmacokinetics

(b) Toxicology

(c) Pharmacology

(d) Pharmacodynamics

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Ans: d

4. The substances produced by or derived from living organisms that are used to kill bacteria or prevent their multiplication is called-

(a) Antibiotics

(b) Antidotes

(c) Hormones

(d) Enzymes

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Ans: A

5. Drugs are excreted from the body through-

(a) Kidney

(b) Breast milk, saliva, sweat & bile.

(c) Intestine

(d) All of the above.

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Ans: d

6. Which of the following is a source for obtaining drugs-

(a) Animals and plants

(b) Micro-organisms

(c) Synthetic origin

(d) All of the above

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Ans: d

7. The rate of absorption of a drug is affected by

(a) Route of drug administration

(b) Solubility of the drug

(c) Site of administration

(d) All of the above

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Ans. d

8. Putting a drug in liquid form into a body cavity or body orifice, is known as-

(a) Inhalation

(b) Instillation

(c) Insertion

(d) Insufflation

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Ans: b

9. Application of the drug to the skin usually by a friction is known as-

(a) Insertion

(b) Insufflation

(c) Instillation

(d) Inunction

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Ans: d

10. Nitroglycerine is administered by which route

(a) By sublingual route

(b) By inhalation

(c) By parenteral route

(d) By insertion

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Ans: A