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Objective MCQ Questions on Lysosomes for Biology Practice

Objective MCQ Questions on Lysosomes for Practice

Biology is very important subject academically and we all study biology to learn about life. Competitive and academic exams all frequently feature MCQ questions from biology. Lysosomes plays vital role as waste disposal system of the cell as it digests waste material in cytoplasm. When we study biology, lysosomes are important and competitive exams often ask MCQs on lysosomes. We have compiled important MCQ questions with answers on lysosomes. Keep practicing, we will constantly add questions on Biology

1. Which of the following organelle is called the “suicidal bags” of the cell?
(a) Cytoplasm
(b) Lysosomes
(c) Mitochondria
(d) Endoplasmic reticulum


Answer: (b) Lysosomes.

2. The lysosomal membrane is rich in ___________.
(a) Sterols
(b) Cardiolipin
(c) Sialic acid
(d) All of the above


Answer: (c) Sialic acid.

3. In which of the following cells Lysosomes are absent?
(a) Animal cells
(b) Erythrocytes
(c) Hepatocytes
(d) Muscles cells


Answer: (b) Erythrocytes.

4. What is the pH of a lysosome?
(a) Acidic
(b) Basic
(c) Neutral
(d) Depends on the cell type


Answer: (a) Acidic.

5. Which of the following enzymes are used as a marker for the lysosomes?
(a) Phospholipase
(b) Acid phosphatase
(c) Pyruvate dehydrogenase
(d) Succinate dehydrogenase


Answer: (b) Acid phosphatase.

6. Which of the following techniques are used in the isolation of Liposomal fractions?
(a) Electrophoresis
(b) Ultracentrifugation
(c) Sucrose density gradient centrifugation
(d) All of the above


Answer: (c) Sucrose density gradient centrifugation.

7. Which of the following are the functions of lysosomes?
(a) Autolysis
(b) Autophagy
(c) Digestion
(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above.

8. Which of the following statements are true about the acidic pH of lysosomes?
(a) Presence of anabolic enzymes
(b) Deposition of waste materials
(c) Presence of hydrolytic enzymes
(d) All of the above


Answer: (a) Presence of anabolic enzymes.