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MCQs on Indian Constitutional Preamble Sources

Preamble to the Indian Constitution is the introductory document explaining the need and source on Indian Constitution. We have compiled  Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers on Indian Constitutional Preamble Sources to help you in preparing for important competitive exams.

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1. The Constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the Constitution of:

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(b) Canada

2. The Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system of:

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(b) UK

3. Which of the following is a feature common to both the Indian Federation and the American Federation?

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(d) A Federal Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution

4. The inspiration of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ was derived from:

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(b) French revolution

5. Indian President and Prime Minister are a replica of the heads of the State of which country?

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(a) Britain