Practice Questions with Answers - Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs on Android

We have compiled objective questions with answers on Android for the job interviews and examinations to unable students to benchmark their knowledge. 

Android Multiple Choice Questions

1) Android is licensed under which open source licensing license?
A. Gnu’s GPL
B. Apache/MIT
D. Sourceforge
Ans: B

2) Although most people’s first thought when they think of Android is Google, Android is not actually owned by Google. Who owns the Android platform?
A. Oracle Technology
B. Dalvik
C. Open Handset Alliance
D. The above statement is and Android is owned by Google

Ans: C

3) As an Android programmer, what version of Android should you use as your minimum development target?

A. Versions 1.6 or 2.0
B. Versions 1.0 or 1.1
C. Versions 1.2 or 1.3
D. Versions 2.3 or 3.0
Ans: A

4) What was Google’s main business motivation for supporting Android?

A. To level the playing field for mobile devices
B. To directly compete with the iPhone
C. To corner the mobile device application market for licensing purposes
D. To allow them to advertise more
Ans: D

5) What was the first phone released that ran the Android OS?

A. Google gPhone
B. T-Mobile G1
C. Motorola Droid
D. HTC Hero
Ans: B

6) From a phone manufacturer’s point of view, what makes Android so great?

A. Aside from some specific drivers, it provides everything to make a phone work
B. It makes the hardware work better
C. It allows them to compete with Apple’s iPhone
D. It allows users to create apps, generating revenue for the companies

Ans: A

7) What is a funny fact about the start of Android?

A. It was orginaly going to be called UFO
B. The first version of Android was released without an actual phone on the market
C. Androids main purpose was to unlock your car door when you left the keys inside of it.
D. Was going to be a closed source application to make more money for its company.
Ans: B

8) What year was the Open Handset Alliance announced?

A. 2005
B. 2006
C. 2007
D. 2008
Ans: C

9) A device with Android installed is needed to develop apps for Android.

A. True
B. False
Ans: B

10) Android tries hard to ______________ low-level components, such as the software stack, with interfaces so that vendor-specific code can be managed easily.

A. confound
B. absract
C. modularize
D. compound
Ans: B