Aircraft Design MCQ – Producibility Considerations

1 - Question

Aircraft production cost is related to _____________
a) weight, size, material, etc
b) weight only
c) size only
d) material only
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Explanation: Aircraft production cost is based on its weight, material used, its size and volume etc. Production cost is affected by number of processes, sub-assembly etc. Only weight is not responsible for cost.

2 - Question

Aircraft production cost can be reduced by using _____________
a) flat wrap surfaces
b) non-flat surface
c) more forging processes
d) welding only on non-flat surfaces
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Explanation: Flat wrap surface is used to reduce the effort and cost of the structure. In flat wrapping, we can directly wrap a sheet on our surface. This can significantly lower the aircraft production cost.

3 - Question

____________ are one of the most expensive type of structure in general.
a) Forging
b) Lifting only
c) Non-lifting only
d) Only high speed bodies
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Explanation: Forgings are considered as most expensive type of structure. Whenever a high load is passing through small area might require forgings. Forgings are used in wing-sweep pivots, landing gear struts etc.

4 - Question

To simplify routing requirements we can provide ____________
a) routing tunnels
b) structural break
c) reducing lift at cruise
d) increasing cruise weight
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Explanation: To simplify the routing we can provide a routing tunnel. Structural break or cut out is based on structural requirements. Cruise lift has no direct effect for given problem of routing.

5 - Question

Following diagram represents _____________

a) typical routing tunnel
b) typical non-routing
c) non routing member
d) avionics only
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Explanation: Above figure is showing a typical routing tunnel. An external type is shown in above figure. As shown it is running along the a/c spine. Routing tunnel will help to simplify the complexity of routing.

6 - Question

Careful placement of the internal components can reduce routing cost.
a) True
b) False
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Explanation: We can improve routing cost by properly placing internal components. For example, avionics and crew station will both need cooling air. Hence, if we locate environmental control system near to them then, we can lower the routing distance and as a result, we can reduce cost as well.

7 - Question

 Following diagram represents ____

a) poor production break design
b) preferred production break design
c) best production brake design
d) structural cut out as per production cost concern
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Explanation: A good designer will consider the location of sub-assembly breaks. They will try to avoid placing components across these breaks. If it is not considered then, it will cause problems during production such as shown in the above figure. Here, the landing gear is across production break.

8 - Question

To reduce production cost there should be _____________
a) commonality of parts
b) more forging
c) increment in forge and labour requirements
d) decrease commonality of parts
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Explanation: Commonality of parts will reduce the production cost. An increase in forgings will increase cost. Forge and labour requirements will increase the cost as well.

9 - Question

Which of the following is correct?
a) If possible, designer should omit unnecessary part to reduce cost
b) Lift is always same as weight of the aircraft
c) Producibility concern should not be used at all
d) Only forging process will affect cost
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Explanation: By omitting unnecessary parts, we can reduce weight, material etc. to reduce the weight. Weight is not always same as lift. Producibility concern is used to reduce overall cost. Forging only will not affect cost. Cost is based on weight, materials etc.

10 - Question

Tight internal packaging will ease the process of routing.
a) True
b) False
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Tight internal packaging will make routing complex. Hence, to ease the routing and components installation we should avoid tight internal packaging. Routing can be more simplified by using the proper routing tunnel.

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