Aircraft Design MCQ – Geometry Sizing

1 - Question

The purpose of fuselage is ___________
a) to provide space for cargo and passenger
b) to provide thrust
c) to provide high lift
d) to increase maximum lift
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Explanation: Main body of the aircraft is called fuselage. Fuselage is used to provide space for cargo, crew and passenger. Thrust is primarily provided by engines. High lift is generated through high lift devices.

2 - Question

Fineness ratio of fuselage is ratio of _____________
a) fuselage length and maximum diameter
b) fuselage diameter
c) fuselage diameter and maximum length
d) length of fuselage and weight
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Explanation: Fineness ratio is defined as the length of the fuselage to the maximum diameter of the fuselage. If fuselage has a different cross section then, equivalent diameter is used for fineness ratio.

3 - Question

An aircraft is flying with fuselage having length of 1.5m and fineness ratio of 15. At which maximum diameter fuselage should be designed?
a) 0.1m
b) 0.25m
c) 5m
d) 20.5m
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Explanation: Given, fuselage fineness ratio F=15, length l=1.5m Now, diameter D = l/F = 1.5/15 = 0.1m.

4 - Question

Jet transport aircraft has 12m length of the fuselage. What will be the approximated value for take-off gross weight?
a) 820.68kg
b) 850kg
c) 520kg
d) 1025g
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Explanation: Given, length L=12m Now, length is given by, L = a*W0c Now, for jet transport aircraft a=0.67, c=0.43 Hence, take-off gross weight is W0c = L/a W00.43 = 12/0.67 = 17.91. Now by taking log at both side, 0.43*ln W0 = ln17.91 = 2.885 lnW0 = 6.710 Hence, by using antilog, W0 = e6.710 = 820.68kg.

5 - Question

A jet fighter has take-off gross weight of 10000 units. Find the appropriate length of the fuselage.
a) 34 unit
b) 34.5
c) 35 unit
d) 35.65
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Explanation: Given, take-off gross weight is W0 = 10000 unit. Now, length is given by, L = a*W0c Now, for jet fighter aircraft a=0.93, c=0.39 Hence, length of fuselage is, L = 0.93*100000.39 = 33.76 = 34unit.

6 - Question

Find the wing reference area if wing loading is 85 lb/ft2 and aircraft has gross weight of 10000 lb.
a) 117.64 ft2
b) 112.65 ft2
c) 152 ft2
d) 125 ft2
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Explanation: Given, take-off gross weight is W0 = 10000 lb, wing loading W.L. = 85 lb/ft2 W.L. = W0/area, area = W0/ W.L. = 10000/85 = 117.64 ft2.

7 - Question

The distance marked by ‘Lht’ represents _____

a) tail moment arm
b) tail area
c) fuselage area
d) wing length
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Explanation: Above diagram is showing a typical plan view of a wing tail configuration. Lht represents distance between wing aerodynamic center and the tail aerodynamic center of MAC. It is known as the tail moment arm.

8 - Question

Which of the following is correct for vertical tail (VT)?
a) Cvt = Lvt*Svt/(bwing*Swing)
b) Cvt = Lvt/(bwing*Swing)
c) Cvt = Svt/(bwing*Swing)
d) Cvt = Lvt*Svt
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Explanation: For vertical tail Cvt represents tail volume coefficient. It is used for sizing purpose. By adequate selection of it will provide require surface area of the tail. Cvt is given by, Cvt = Lvt*Svt / (bwing*Swing).

9 - Question

If Cvt = 0.05 then, find the vertical tail area. Given wing span b is 2m, wing area S=10m2 and tail moment arm Lvt=1m.
a) 1m2
b) 1cm2
c) 1in2
d) 1.2cm2
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Explanation: Given, Cvt=0.05, b = 2m and wing area S=10m2. Tail moment arm Lvt is directly given so Lvt=1m. Now, tail area Svt is given by, Svt = Cvt*b*S/Lvt = 0.05*2*10/1 = 1m2.

10 - Question

If length of typical fuselage is 20m then, find the approximate range for control canard moment arm.
a) 6m-10m
b) 2-5cm
c) 5-9in
d) 11-20m
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Explanation: Given a typical fuselage with length L = 20m. Typical range for canard (control) moment arm = 30% to 50% of the length = 30% of L to 50% of L = 30% of 20 to 50% of 20 = 0.3*20 to 0.5*20 = 6m – 10m.

11 - Question

A typical jet transport aircraft needs to be sized based on following parameters. Wing area S=50m2, MAC=5m. If tail volume coefficient of horizontal tail is 1 and tail area is 10m2 then, find the required tail moment arm.
a) 25m
b) 50m
c) 25cm
d) 65in
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Explanation: Given, wing area S=50m2, MAC=5m.

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