Engineering Questions with Answers - Multiple Choice Questions


1 - Question

The soils of the plains have not been
A. from the Peninsular rocks
B. only from the rocks existing locally
C. from the Himalayan rocks
D. from material brought by the rivers

View Answer Ans: B

2 - Question

652. The western coast of India receive very
high rainfall in summer mainly due to
A. Himalayas
B. Western Ghats
C. Tropical location
D. Nearness to sea
View Answer Ans: B

3 - Question

653. Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Orissa often
face natural disasters due to:
A. landslides
B. tornadoes
C. cyclones
D. earthquakes
View Answer Ans: C

4 - Question

654. Among the following States, which one has
the largest forest area?
A. Orissa
B. Gujarat
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Karnataka
View Answer Ans: B

5 - Question

655. Mayurakshi Project is an undertaking of
the Government of
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. West Bengal
D. Uttar Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

6 - Question

656. The National highways system is the
responsibility of
A. State Governments
B. A special Roads Authority
C. State and Central Government
D. Central Government

View Answer Ans: D

7 - Question

657. Why is it that the Himalayan region is poor
in mineral resources?
A. the terrain makes exploitation of minerals
B. Displacement of rock strata has disturbed the
arrangement of rocks and made it complex
C. It is made up of crystalline rock
D. The climatic conditions are not suitable, for
exploitation of minerals
View Answer Ans: B

8 - Question

658. Palk Strait separates India from
A. Andaman Island
B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan
D. China
View Answer Ans: B

9 - Question

659. Among the following crops which one
occupies the largest area in India?
A. Rapeseed
B. Groundnut
C. Sugarcane
D. Mustard
View Answer Ans: C

10 - Question

660. The National Institute of Oceanography is
located at
A. Mumbai
B. Cochin
C. Kandla
D. Goa
View Answer Ans: D

11 - Question

661. Which of the following mountains are the
oldest according to geological history?
A. Aravalli
B. Vindhyas
C. Nilgiris
D. Satpura Range
View Answer Ans: A

12 - Question

662. In which month are the kharif crops sown?
A. September
B. April
C. June
D. November
View Answer Ans: C

13 - Question

663. Narmada and Tapi flow into the
A. Palk Strait
B. Gulf of Kachchh
C. Bay of Bengal
D. Gulf of Khambat
View Answer Ans: D

14 - Question

664. Which Indian state is known as 'Land of
Five Rivers' ?
A. Punjab
B. Haryana
C. U.P.
D. Jammu and Kashmir
View Answer Ans: A

15 - Question

665. Deltas are formed where the shores are
free of
A. Trees
B. Hard rocks
C. High tide
D. Low tide
View Answer Ans: B

16 - Question

666. India has an endless growing season
A. temperatures throughout the year are
favourable for growth of plants
B. it experiences the monsoonal type of climate
C. its soil is very fertile the greater part being
D. the distribution of rainfall is uneven
View Answer Ans: A

17 - Question

667. What is Obra?
A. Atomic power plant at Kalpakkam
B. Super thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh
C. Copper project in Rajasthan
D. Hydroelectric project in Uttar Pradesh
View Answer Ans: B

18 - Question

668. Which one of the following statements is
NOT correct?
A. India is the second largest producer of
nitrogenous fertilizers in the world
B. India is the second largest producer of silk in

the world
C. India is the ninth largest steel producing
country in the world
D. India ranks third in the world in coal
View Answer Ans: D

19 - Question

669. The correct sequence of the eastward
flowing rivers of the peninsular India from north
to south is :
A. Mahanadi, Subarnarekha, Krishna, Godavari,
Cauvery, Vagai and Pennar
B. Subarnarekha, Mahanadi, Krishna, Godavari,
Cauvery, Vagai and Pennar
C. Subarnarekha, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna,
Pennar, Cauvery and Vagai
D. Mahanadi, Subarnarekha, Godavari, Krishna,
Cauvery, Pennar and Vagai
View Answer Ans: C

20 - Question

670. In which of the following states are the
Aravalli mountains located
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Rajasthan
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Jammu and Kashmir
View Answer Ans: C

21 - Question

671. Where would you find Oraon, Munda,
Santhal, Gonds and Asurs?
A. Jharkhand
B. Mahrashtra
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Chhattishgarh
View Answer Ans: A

22 - Question

672. The Tropic of Cancer which passes through
India is _____ to/of the equator.
A. 90º to the South
B. to the South
C. at right angles
D. to the North
View Answer Ans: D

23 - Question

673. Which of the following rivers joins Ganga
at Allahabad ?
A. Ghaghra
B. Kosi
C. Gandak
D. Yamuna
View Answer Ans: D

24 - Question

674. Kanha National Park belongs to which one
among the following biogeographical areas in
the world?
A. Tropical Moist Forests
B. Tropical Dry Forests
C. Tropical Sub-humid Forests
D. Tropical Humid Forests
View Answer Ans: C

25 - Question

675. India provides ideal conditions for air
travel because
A. it has extensive mountain tracks
B. its climatic conditions are favourable
C. it is a vast country
D. it has a huge population
View Answer Ans: B

26 - Question

676. At which one of the following places is the
monkey called Lion-tailed macaque naturally
A. Nallamalai hills
B. Nilgiris
C. Pachmarhi
D. Shivaliks
View Answer Ans: B

27 - Question

677. Chhota Nagpur plateau is called the heart
of industrial India because it is :
A. near to major iron and steel centres
B. rich in minerals and power fuels
C. very fertile for industrial crops
D. a big link of roads and railways
View Answer Ans: B

28 - Question

678. A fertile soil, suitable growing common
crops, is like to have a pH value of
A. six to seven
B. three
C. four
D. nine to ten
View Answer Ans: D

29 - Question

679. The two northeastern hills that block the
South West Monsoon winds and cause heavy
rains in Assam are
A. Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills
B. Barail and Patkai hills
C. Arakan Yoma and Pegu Yoma
D. Khasi and Pegu Yoma
View Answer Ans: A

30 - Question

680. Soil of Western Rajasthan have a high
content or
A. Nitrogen
B. Phosphorus
C. Aluminium
D. Calcium

View Answer Ans: D

31 - Question

681. Which of the following rivers meet Ganga
in Bihar ? 1. Ghaghra 2. Gandak 3. Son 4.
A. 1, 3 and 4
B. 2 and 4
C. 1, 2, 3 and 4
D. 1, 2 and 4
View Answer Ans: C

32 - Question

682. What do you understand by the term 'Doab'
A. Land between two separate river systems
B. Land between two tributaries of a river
C. Where two or more rivers meet
D. Where the delta of river begins
View Answer Ans: B

33 - Question

683. Which one of the following is the correct
sequence of the age of formation-from the
youngest to the oldest-of the given mountain
A. Himalayas, Vindhyas, Western Ghats, Deccan
B. Himalayas, Western Ghats, Vindhayas,
Deccan Traps
C. Vindhyas, Himalayas, Deccan Traps, Western
D. Deccan Traps, Western Ghats, Vindhyas,
View Answer Ans: A

34 - Question

684. What do you mean by 'reserved forest' ?
A. Reserved for local use
B. Reserved for growing medicinal herbs
C. Reserved for hunting
D. Reserved for commercial exploitation
View Answer Ans: D

35 - Question

685. Which one of the following towns is not
situated along the Grand Trunk Road?
A. Lucknow
B. Kanpur
C. Allahabad
D. Agra
View Answer Ans: A

36 - Question

686. Kodaikanal, the famous hill-station of
South India, is situated on :
A. Cardamon hills
B. Anaimalai mountain
C. Palni hills
D. Nilgiri mountain
View Answer Ans: C

37 - Question

687. Which of the following rivers existed
before the uplift of the Himalaya ? (A )
Brahamaputra (B ) Sutlej (C ) Indus ( D)
A. A and C
B. A, Band C
C. Band C
D. A, B, C and D
View Answer Ans: B

38 - Question

688. The last three digits of a PIN code
A. sorting district
B. zone
C. mailing route
D. sub-zone
View Answer Ans: A

39 - Question

689. Which among the following National
Highways of India is the longest?
A. NH 2
B. NH 4
C. NH 1
D. NH 3
View Answer Ans: A

40 - Question

690. Which one of the following statements
correctly defines the term transhumance ?
A. Economy that solely depends upon animals
B. Farming in which' only one crop is cultivated
by clearing hill slopes
C. Seasonal migration of people with their
animals up and down the mountains
D. Practice of growing crops on higher hill
slopes in summer and foothills in winter
View Answer Ans: C

41 - Question

691. The Himalayas are considered as ______
type of mountains.
A. tectonic

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B. submarine
C. relief
D. volcanic

View Answer Ans: A

42 - Question

692. Xerophytic vegetation is characteristic
feature of:
A. Khasi hills
B. Eastern Ghats
C. Kuchchh
D. Chhotanagpur plateau
View Answer Ans: C

43 - Question

693. Which one among the following is nearest
to the Tropic of Cancer?
A. Agra
B. Jhansi
C. Delhi
D. Gwalior
View Answer Ans: B

44 - Question

694. Most of the floods in the lowlands of N.
India, the Bihar plateau and Orissa are
associated with:
A. orographic rainfall
B. South-West Monsoon
C. Thunderstorm
D. easterly depression
View Answer Ans: A

45 - Question

695. Indian sovereignity in sea extends upto
____ nautical miles.
A. 12
B. 14
C. 10
D. 8
View Answer Ans: A

46 - Question

696. The first shore based integrated steel
project in India is coming up at
A. Visakhapatnam
B. Tuticorin
C. Mangalore
D. Ernakulam
View Answer Ans: A

47 - Question

697. Where in India is mica mined?
A. All the above
B. Gaya (Bihar)
C. Nasirabad (Rajasthan)
D. Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)
View Answer Ans: A

48 - Question

698. Wheels and exles for railways are
A. Nowhere in India
B. at Bengaluru
C. at Chennai
D. at Varanasi
View Answer Ans: B

49 - Question

699. The Karakoram Highway connects which of
the following pairs of countries?
A. India-Pakistan
B. India-China
C. India-Nepal
D. China-Pakistan
View Answer Ans: D

50 - Question

700. Select the correct sequence in the
decreasing order of contribution to the forest
cover on India:
A. Open forest - Mangrove forest - Dense forest
B. Dense forest - Open forest - Mangrove forest
C. Dense forest - Mangrove forest - Open forest
D. Open forest – Dense forest – Mangrove forest
View Answer

Ans: D

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