Engineering Questions with Answers - Multiple Choice Questions


1 - Question

. Economically the most important forests of
India are
A. Evergreen forest
B. Thorn forest
C. Tidal forest
D. Tropical deciduous forest

View Answer Ans: D

2 - Question

552. Where is Pygmalion Point also known as
Indira Point?
A. Point Calimere
B. Lakshadweep
C. Rameswaram
D. Andman and Nicobar Islands
View Answer Ans: D

3 - Question

553. In which of the following areas is Konkani
spoken as the local language?
A. Odisha and West Bengal
B. Maharashtra and Goa
C. Kerala and Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh
View Answer Ans: B

4 - Question

554. A rainshadow region gets
A. large quantity of rainfall
B. rainfall all through the year
C. scanty or no rainfall
D. rainfall six months in a year
View Answer Ans: C

5 - Question

555. The highest peak of the Himalayas in India
is in :
A. Kashmir
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Sikkim
D. Himachal Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

6 - Question

556. In Thanjavur delta _______ crop is
cultivated three times in a year.
A. Rice
B. Sugarcane
C. Groundnut
D. Wheat
View Answer Ans: A

7 - Question

557. In India the most important source of
energy is
A. Petroleum
B. Nuclear
C. Coal
D. Hydro-electricity
View Answer Ans: C

8 - Question

558. Plants are associated with the social
forestry programmes in India?
A. Teak
B. Neem
C. Eucalyptus
D. Banyan
View Answer Ans: C

9 - Question

559. The main difference between the Eastern
Ghats and the Western Ghats is the matter of
A. proximity of coast
B. height
C. ending in Nilgiris
D. continuity
View Answer Ans: D

10 - Question

560. Who introduced the term 'monsoon'?
A. The British
B. The Arabs
C. The Chinese
D. The Mughals
View Answer Ans: B

11 - Question

561. The smallest Union Territory is:
A. Chandigarh
B. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C. Pondicherry
D. Lakshadweep
View Answer Ans: D

12 - Question

562. The Jawar mines of Udaipur are famous for
A. Marble
B. Zinc
C. Bauxite
D. Granite
View Answer Ans: B

13 - Question

563. The mountain range which stretches from
Gujarat in west to Delhi in the north is the:
A. Aravallis
B. Vindhyas
C. Satpuras
D. Kaimur range
View Answer Ans: A

14 - Question

564. Yercaud, a hill station of South India, is
situated on the
A. Javadi Hills
B. Cardamom Hills
C. Shevaroy Hills
D. Nilgiris
View Answer Ans: C

15 - Question

565. The nature of the winter rainfall in north
western India is :
A. cyclonic
B. orographic
C. monsoonal
D. convectional
View Answer Ans: A

16 - Question

566. Moist tropical evergreen forests are found
A. the Siwaliks
B. southern India
C. the Shillong plateau
D. the Deccan plateau
View Answer Ans: C

17 - Question

567. Which of the following rivers flows through
a rift valley?
A. Godavari
B. Narmada
C. Kosi
D. Cauvery
View Answer Ans: B

18 - Question

568. The river Cauvery originates from which of
the following states?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Karnataka
D. Madhya Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

19 - Question

569. The Khasi and Jaintia Hills are located in
A. Meghalaya
B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Manipur
D. Nagaland
View Answer

Ans: A

20 - Question

570. Under which climatic conditions do the

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laterite soils develop ?
A. Cold temperature Climate
B. Hot and dry Climate
C. Wet tropical Climate
D. Mediterranean type of Climate

View Answer Ans: C

21 - Question

571. Which one of the following provides the
correct sequence of occurrence of four
towns/cities as one proceeds from west to east?
A. Bikaner, Aligarh, Darbhanga, Nowgong
B. Rajkot, Baroda, Kharagpur, Bilaspur
C. Nasik, Aurangabad, Berhampur, Nanded
D. Indore, Rourkela, Agartala, Jamshedpur
View Answer Ans: A

22 - Question

572. The Narmada river originate a in
A. Vindhyan Range
B. Satpura Range
C. Mahadeo Range
D. Maikal Range
View Answer Ans: D

23 - Question

573. Which of the following rivers makes an
A. Cauvery
B. Narmada
C. Krishna
D. Ganga
View Answer Ans: B

24 - Question

574. Which one of the following pairs is not
correctly matched? River City
A. Gomti Lucknow
B. Saryu Ayodhya
C. Narmada Satna
D. Alaknanda Badrinath
View Answer Ans: C

25 - Question

575. Soil can best be conserved on the hills by
which of the cultivating methods?
A. Crop rotation
B. Terracing
C. Strip cropping
D. Contour ploughing
View Answer Ans: D

26 - Question

576. Bauxite is the ore of
A. Copper
B. Aluminium
C. Mica
D. Zinc
View Answer Ans: B

27 - Question

577. The present demographic transition of
India is indicative of:
A. High population growth potential and high
actual growth
B. High population growth potential but low
actual growth
C. Typically increasing urbanization
D. Partial industrialised economy
View Answer Ans: C

28 - Question

578. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located in :
A. Maharashtra
B. Gujarat
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Himachal Pradesh
View Answer Ans: B

29 - Question

579. The McMahan Line is a boundary between
A. India and China
B. India and Bangladesh
C. India and Pakistan
D. India and Nepal
View Answer Ans: A

30 - Question

580. The correct sequence of the different
sections of the Himalayas in terms of their
stretch (in kilometre) in the descending order is
A. Kumaon, Hlm., Nepal Him., Assam Him.,
Punjab Him.
B. Punjab Him., Kumaon Him., Nepal Him.,
Assam Him.
C. Nepal Him., Assam Him., Punjab Him.,
Kumaon Him.
D. Nepal Him., Assam Him., Kumaon Him.,
Punjab Him.
View Answer Ans: C

31 - Question

581. Lac is secreted by
A. certain kinds of birds
B. a certain type of insect which feeds on the
saps of trees such as Palas, Ber and Kusum
C. trees like rubber
D. some animals
View Answer Ans: B

32 - Question

582. Which one of the following types of forest
covers the maximum area in India?

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A. Tropical rain forest
B. Tropical dry deciduous forest
C. Tropical moist deciduous forest
D. Tropical dry evergreen forest

View Answer Ans: C

33 - Question

583. The Himalayan rivers are:
A. seasonal
B. monsoon fed
C. snow fed
D. ephemeral
View Answer Ans: C

34 - Question

584. Which of the following is the major centre
of production of railway wagons?
A. Perambur
B. Asansol
C. Jamshedpur
D. Chittaranjan
View Answer Ans: B

35 - Question

585. Which one of the following Indian rivers
does not have a delta at its egress?
A. Cauvery
B. Tapi
C. Godavari
D. Mahanadi
View Answer Ans: B

36 - Question

586. Which one of the following soil types of
India is rendered infertile by the presence of
excess iron?
A. Lateritic
B. Podzolic
C. Desert sand
D. Alluvial
View Answer Ans: A

37 - Question

587. Which of the following is a trans-
Himalayan river?
A. Yamuna
B. Ganga
C. Sutlej
D. Ravi
View Answer Ans: C

38 - Question

588. A person of mixed European and Indian
blood in Latin America is called a
A. Mau Mau
B. Meiji
C. Mestizo
D. Mulatto
View Answer Ans: C

39 - Question

589. For short-term climatic predictions, which
one of the following events, detected in the last
decade, is associated with occasional weak
monsoon rains in the Indian subcontinent?
A. El Nino and southern oscillations
B. Green-house effect on global level
C. La Nina
D. Movement of jet streams
View Answer Ans: A

40 - Question

590. Among the following regions of India,
which one receives comparatively least amount
of annual rainfall?
A. North-eastern Rajasthan
B. The middle and lower Asom valley
C. The coastal plains of Gujarat south of
D. An 80 km wide coastal belt from Nellore to
Point Calimere
View Answer Ans: A

41 - Question

591. Soyabeans are rich in
A. Vitamin A
B. Carbohydrates
C. Minerals
D. Proteins
View Answer Ans: D

42 - Question

592. The Damodar-Tribeni Canal which serves
as an irrigationcum-navigation canal is _____
A. 157km
B. 137km
C. 167km
D. 147km
View Answer Ans: B

43 - Question

593. Which of the following types of soils have a
marked capacity to retain water?
A. Red soil
B. Regur soil
C. Desert soil
D. Laterite soil
View Answer Ans: B

44 - Question

594. A rainy day as defined by the Indian
Meteorological department is a day when the
rainfall at a point received is

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A. 0.5 mm to 1 mm in 24 hours
B. above 2.5 mm in 24 hours
C. 1.1 mm to 1.5 mm in 24 hours
D. 1.6 mm to 2 mm in 24 hours

View Answer Ans: B

45 - Question

595. Golden Fibre refers to
A. Cotton
B. Jute
C. Hemp
D. Nylon
View Answer Ans: B

46 - Question

596. Which of the following south Indian rivers
has the largest basin?
A. Cauvery
B. Godavari
C. Mahanadi
D. Krishna
View Answer Ans: B

47 - Question

597. Among the following States, which one has
the most suitable climatic conditions for the
cultivation of a large variety of orchids with
minimum cost of production, and can develop an
export oriented industry in this field?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Madhya Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

48 - Question

598. The northern part of the west coast is
known as:
A. Konkan coast
B. None of these
C. Coromandal coast
D. Malabar coast
View Answer Ans: A

49 - Question

599. Which of the following is incorrectly
matched ?
A. Aandhi - Uttar Pradesh
B. Kalbaisakhi - West Bengal
C. Mango-showers – Orissa
D. Loo – North - west India
View Answer Ans: C

50 - Question

600. Which of the following hydro-electric
stations is situated in Uttar Pradesh?
A. Rihand
B. Kangsabati
C. Hirakud
D. Mayurakshi
View Answer Ans: A

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