Engineering Questions with Answers - Multiple Choice Questions


1 - Question

Where are Shevaroy Hills located?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh

View Answer Ans: A

2 - Question

602. What is the official language of Nagaland?
A. English
B. Nagali
C. Assamese
D. Chinese
View Answer Ans: A

3 - Question

603. Which dam in India has the distinction of
being the longest main stream dam in the world?
A. Kosi Project
B. Tehri Dam
C. Bhakra Nangal Dam
D. Rihand Dam
View Answer Ans: B

4 - Question

604. Which one of the following is not a site for
'in-situ' method of conservation of flora?
A. Biosphere Reserve
B. Botanical Garden
C. National Park
D. Wildlife Sanctuary
View Answer Ans: B

5 - Question

605. Which of the following is not one of the
non-conventional sources of energy in India?
A. Tidal Power
B. Solar Energy
C. Geo-Thermal Energy
D. Thermal Energy
View Answer Ans: D

6 - Question

606. Wular lake of Kashmir is a :
A. Ox- bow lake
B. Lake formed by blocking of ice
C. Lake formed by terminal morainic dam
D. Lake formed by deposition of silt
View Answer Ans: C

7 - Question

607. The river system which depends more on

melting of snow for its water supply is the
A. Godavari
B. Ganga
C. Brahmaputra
D. Indus
View Answer Ans: D

8 - Question

608. longitude is geographically significant to
India because:
A. it enables determining local time in eastern
B. it has a bearing on the tropical climate of
C. it determines the Indian standard time
D. it divides' India into eastern and western
View Answer Ans: C

9 - Question

609. Which one of the following pairs is
correctly matched?
A. Sundari : West Bengal
B. Teak : Jammu and Kashmir
C. Sandalwood : Kerala
D. Deodar : Madhya Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

10 - Question

610. The airport of Mumbai is called
A. Dum Dum
B. Meenambakkam
C. Palam
D. Sahar
View Answer Ans: D

11 - Question

611. Which of the following is not a multi-
purpose project involving more than one State in
A. Bhakra Nangal
B. Chambal
C. Nagarjunasagar
D. Damodar Valley Corporation
View Answer Ans: C

12 - Question

612. Which one of the following is most prone to
A. Young folded mountains
B. Old shields
C. Plateaus
D. Coastal plains
View Answer Ans: A

13 - Question

613. At which place will you find maximum
sunlight in December?
A. Kanyakumari
B. Kolkata
C. Pune
D. Leh
View Answer Ans: A

14 - Question

614. The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold
ranges of which the oldest range is :
A. the Great Himalayan Range
B. the Lesser Himalayas
C. the Siwalik Range
D. the Dhaula Dhar Range
View Answer Ans: A

15 - Question

615. Coal mines in Jharkhand are located at
A. Jharia
B. Jamshedpur
C. Lohardaga
D. Ranchi
View Answer Ans: A

16 - Question

616. Most of India's rainfall is:
A. elusive
B. cyclonic
C. convectional
D. orographic
View Answer Ans: B

17 - Question

617. On account of which one of the following
reasons, we can say that Asia and Australia at
one time were joined together?
A. Fossils of Marsupials are found in Asia
B. Culture of both places has many similarities
C. The big green fields found in Australia are
very much like those in Asia
D. Climate is quite similar
View Answer Ans: A

18 - Question

618. Which of the following fertilisers provides
maximum amount of nitrogen?
A. Calcium Nitrate
B. Nitrolium
C. Urea
D. Ammonium Sulphate
View Answer Ans: C

19 - Question

619. In which state is Jog Falls located?
A. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Tamil Nadu

D. Karnataka
View Answer Ans: D

20 - Question

620. The Portuguese possessions Goa, Daman
and Diu were liberated in _______.
A. 1981
B. 1971
C. 1961
D. 1951
View Answer Ans: C

21 - Question

of Indian tea production comes from
Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu
A. 50%
B. 98%
C. 30%
D. 75%

View Answer Ans: B

22 - Question

622. Which of the following States of India do
not lie entirely in the Tropical Zone of the Earth?
A. Kerala and Tamil Nadu
B. Karnataka
C. Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh
D. Gujarat
View Answer Ans: D

23 - Question

623. Economically exploitable lignite occurs in
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu
View Answer Ans: D

24 - Question

624. Which city has the longest day in the
month of June?
A. Kolkata
B. Delhi
C. Bangalore
D. Chennai
View Answer Ans: A

25 - Question

625. Of the floating iceberg in the sea, the
portion remaining above the sea level is :
A. 1/10th
B. 1/6th
C. 1/5th
D. 1/9th
View Answer Ans: A

26 - Question

626. Which of the following soils is best suited
for cotton?
A. Alluvial
B. Red
C. Regur
D. Clayey
View Answer Ans: C

27 - Question

627. Consider the following statements: 1. The
equatorial forests are evergreen. 2. The
Mediterranean region has deciduous forests of
broad-leaved trees. 3. Taiga forests are found in
Kashmir. Which of the statements given above
are correct?
A. 1, 2 and 3
B. 1 and 2
C. 1 and 3
D. 2 and 3
View Answer Ans: A

28 - Question

628. Which of the following is the most
important factor in soil formation?
A. Rock cover
B. Natural vegetation
C. Climate
D. Relief
View Answer Ans: C

29 - Question

629. Which of the following is grown in the cold
climate of Kashmir?
A. Jute
B. Palm
C. Saffron
D. Coconut
View Answer Ans: C

30 - Question

630. All example of a mineral occurring as
layers in sedimentary rocks is
A. lignite
B. gold
C. lead
D. tin
View Answer Ans: A

31 - Question

631. India has one land-locked and protected
port which is at
A. Visakhapatnam
B. Kolkata
C. Paradeep
D. Chennai
View Answer Ans: A

32 - Question

632. The first marine sanctuary in India, having
within its bounds coral reefs, mollusca, dolphins,
tortoises and various kinds of sea birds, has
been established in
A. Lakshadweep
B. Gulf of Kachchh
C. Chilka Lake
D. Sundarbans

View Answer Ans: C

33 - Question

633. In which part of India is Dogri spoken?
A. West Bengal
B. Assam
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Rajasthan
View Answer Ans: C

34 - Question

634. The climate of India is:
A. subtropical monsoon
B. tropical climate
C. sub-tropical climate
D. savanna type of climate
View Answer Ans: A

35 - Question

635. The Indo-Gangetic Plains of India are
fertile due to
A. the heavy and timely rains and forests
B. alluvial soils brought by the rivers from the
C. better irrigation facilities
D. hard labour of the farmers over the
View Answer Ans: B

36 - Question

636. Gypaum is round in
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Rajasthan
C. Assam
D. Odisha
View Answer Ans: B

37 - Question

637. Which of the following is an ore of iron?
A. Dolomite
B. Haematite
C. Bauxite
D. Alunite
View Answer Ans: B

38 - Question

638. Winter rains in North and North-West
India are generally associated with the
phenomenon of:
A. local thunderstorms
B. retreating monsoon
C. shift in jet stream movement
D. temperate cyclones
View Answer Ans: A

39 - Question

639. In which one of the following Islands of
India is an active volcano found?
A. Barren Island
B. Maya Bunder Island
C. Nancowry lsland
D. Car Nicobar Island
View Answer Ans: A

40 - Question

640. Which one among the following has the,
largest shipyard in India?
A. Kochi
B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata
D. Vishakhapatnam
View Answer Ans: D

41 - Question

641. How do dust storms in summer affect the
A. Decrease it
B. Increase it
C. Cannot say
D. No effect
View Answer Ans: A

42 - Question

642. The part of India receives maximum
A. eastern
B. northern
C. western
D. southern
View Answer Ans: D

43 - Question

643. This Union Territory possesses a coastal
stretch of about 45 km with 28 marine fishing
villages. However 45% of the population is
engaged in agriculture and allied products
Which among the Territories is referred
A. Pondicherry
B. Lakshadweep
C. Andaman and Nicobar
D. Daman
View Answer Ans: B

44 - Question

644. Which of the following rivers divides the

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'Deccan Tableland' from Central Highland in
northern India?
A. Narmada
B. Krishna
C. Chambal
D. Godavari

View Answer Ans: A

45 - Question

645. Out of the four southern States: Andhra
Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil
Nadu,which shares boundaries with the
maximum number of Indian States?
A. Each of Tamil Nadu and Kerala
B. Karnataka only
C. Each of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh only
View Answer Ans: C

46 - Question

646. On which of the following sets of rivers are
Nagarjunasagar, Ukai, Hirakud, and Thein Dam
located respectively?
A. Krishna, Tapi, Mahanadi, Ravi
B. Krishna, Mahanadi, Godavari, Tapi
C. Cauvery, Krishna, Narmada, Beas
D. Godavari, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Yamuna
View Answer Ans: A

47 - Question

647. The Konkan Coast stretches between:
A. Goa and Cochin
B. Goa and Daman
C. Goa and Mumbai
D. Goa and Diu
View Answer Ans: A

48 - Question

648. A rift valley is formed mainly due to:
A. forces of tension in the earth's crust
B. the valley formed after the formation of fold
C. the subsidence of the floor of a river valley
D. the deepening of a valley by ice action
View Answer Ans: C

49 - Question

649. Which of the following statements
regarding red soils of India is/are correct? 1. The
colour of the soil is-red due to ferric oxide
content. 2. Red soils are rich in lime, humous
and potash. 3. They are porous and have friable
structure. Select the correct answer using the
code given below:
A. 1, 2 and 3
B. 1 only
C. 2 and 3 only
D. 1 and 3 only
View Answer Ans: D

50 - Question

650. The largest population of Scheduled Tribes
is in:
A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Sikkim
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Arunachal Pradesh
View Answer Ans: C

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