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Software Engineering MCQ – Software Reliability Models

1 - Question

Which one is not a software quality model?
a) ISO 9000
b) McCall model
c) Boehm model
d) ISO 9126

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Answer: a
Explanation: ISO 9000 is software certification.

2 - Question

How many levels are present in CMM?
a) three
b) four
c) five
d) six

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Answer: c
Explanation: The five levels are: initial, repeatable, defined, managed, optimizing.

3 - Question

Which level of CMM is for process management?
a) Initial
b) Repeatable
c) Defined
d) Optimizing

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Answer: d
Explanation: It is a characteristic of processes at this level that the focus is on continually improving process performance through both incremental and innovative technological changes/improvements.

4 - Question

In ISO 9126, time behavior and resource utilization are a part of
a) maintainability
b) portability
c) efficiency
d) usability

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Answer: c
Explanation: A set of attributes that bear on the relationship between the level of performance of the software and the amount of resources used, under stated conditions.

5 - Question

Which of the following is not a Probabilistic Model?
a) Error seeding
c) Input domain
d) Halstead’s software metric

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Answer: d
Explanation: Halstead’s software metric is a deterministic model.

6 - Question

Software reliability is defined with respect to
a) time
b) bugs
c) failures
d) quality

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Answer: a
Explanation: None.

7 - Question

Failure In Time (FIT) is another way of reporting

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Answer: d
Explanation: FIT reports the number of expected failures per one billion hours of operation for a device. This term is used particularly by the semiconductor industry but is also used by component manufacturers .

8 - Question

MTTF stands for
a) Minimum time to failure
b) Mean time to failure
c) Maximum time to failure
d) None of the mentioned

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Answer: b
Explanation: None.

9 - Question

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is the time needed to repair a failed hardware module.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: In an operational system, repair generally means replacing a failed hardware part. Thus, hardware MTTR could be viewed as mean time to replace a failed hardware module.

10 - Question

IMC Networks is a leading ________ certified manufacturer of optical networking and LAN/WAN connectivity solutions for enterprise, telecommunications and service provider applications.
a) Telco Systems
b) D-Link
c) Arista Networks
d) ISO 9001

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Answer: a
Explanation: Founded in 1988, with over one million products installed worldwide, IMC Networks offers a wide range of fiber media and mode converters for a variety of applications.

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