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Software Engineering MCQ – Diagrams in UML – 1

1 - Question

Which of the following UML diagrams has a static view?
a) Collaboration
b) Use case
c) State chart
d) Activity

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Answer: b
Explanation: A use case diagrams captures only the functionality of the system whereas a dynamic model/view captures the functions as well as the action.

2 - Question

What type of core-relationship is represented by the symbol in the figure below?
a) Aggregation
b) Dependency
c) Generalization
d) Association

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Answer: a
Explanation: None.

3 - Question

Which core element of UML is being shown in the figure?
a) Node
b) Interface
c) Class
d) Component

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Answer: d
Explanation: The figure is self explanatory. A component is a modular, significant and replaceable part of the system that packages implementation and exposes a set of interfaces.

4 - Question

 What type of relationship is represented by Shape class and Square ?
a) Realization
b) Generalization
c) Aggregation
d) Dependency

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Answer: b
Explanation: The generalization relationship is also known as the inheritance relationship. In the figure Square is the subclass of superclass shape.

5 - Question

Which diagram in UML shows a complete or partial view of the structure of a modeled system at a specific time?
a) Sequence Diagram
b) Collaboration Diagram
c) Class Diagram
d) Object Diagram

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Answer: d
Explanation: An object diagram focuses on some particular set of object instances and attributes, and the links between the instances. It is a static snapshot of a dynamic view of the system.

6 - Question

Interaction Diagram is a combined term for
a) Sequence Diagram + Collaboration Diagram
b) Activity Diagram + State Chart Diagram
c) Deployment Diagram + Collaboration Diagram
d) None of the mentioned

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Answer: a
Explanation: Interaction diagram are used to formalize the dynamic behavior of the system.

7 - Question

Structure diagrams emphasize the things that must be present in the system being modeled.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: Since structure diagrams represent the structure they are used extensively in documenting the architecture of software systems

8 - Question

Which of the following diagram is time oriented?
a) Collaboration
b) Sequence
c) Activity
d) None of the mentioned

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Answer: b
Explanation: A sequence diagrams timeline along which tasks are completed.

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