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Mechanical Operations MCQ’s – Sedimentation

1 - Question

 In thorough washing, the wash liquid is introduced through alternate plates called _________
a) Bleeding plates
b) Raking plates
c) Washing plates
d) Doctor’s plate

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Answer: c
Explanation: The wash liquid is introduced through a separate channel behind the filter cloth on alternate plates known as washing plates.

2 - Question

The thickness of the cake depends up on the _________
a) Time taken
b) Pressure
c) Humidity
d) Temperature

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Answer: a
Explanation: The optimum thickness of the cake to be formed in a filter press depends upon the resistance offered by the filter cake and on the time taken to dismantle and refit press.

3 - Question

What does the following equation represents?
B1 V2 + B2 V
a) Pressure drop
b) Time taken for filtration
c) Weight of cake
d) Radius of press

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Answer: b
Explanation: The time of assembling and dissembling the press is independent of thickness of cake produced, the total time of a cycle in which a volume V is collected.

4 - Question

If the resistance is neglected, then ________
a) t = B1 V2
b) t = B2 V
c) t = V2
d) t = B1 + B2

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Answer: a
Explanation: If the resistance of the filter is neglected, then t = B1 V2 and the time during which filtration is carried out is exactly equal to press out of service.

5 - Question

The capital cost and vacuum equipment is high for rotary filter.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: This is the only drawback of a rotary filter that it has a high operating cost and also a high vacuum maintenance.

6 - Question

In a Kelly filter, leaves are arranged
a) Axially
b) Longitudinally
c) Vertically
d) Alternately

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Answer: b
Explanation: In the Kelly filter, a number of vertical rectangular leaves are arranged longitudinally in a horizontal cylindrical shell.

7 - Question

Vertical pressure filters have leaves mounted ________
a) Vertically
b) Axially
c) Rectangularly
d) All directions

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Answer: d
Explanation: The filters have vertical, parallel, rectangular leaves mounted in an upright cylindrical pressure tank.

8 - Question

In Vertical pressure filters, with high quantity feed ______ occurs.
a) Low filtration
b) High filtration
c) High pressure
d) Low pressure

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Answer: a
Explanation: These filters are used when large quantities of liquid with low concentration of solid are to be filtered.

9 - Question

What is the diameter of a rotary drum?
a) 50 to 100 ft
b) 8 to 20 ft
c) 1 to 15 ft
d) 4 to 6 ft

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Answer: c
Explanation: It may be 1 to 15 ft. in the diameter and from 1 to 20 ft. long and is made of a metal sheet and is divided into sections.

10 - Question

In a rotary drum, the cake is discharged by ________
a) Doctor’s knife
b) Athlete’s head
c) Prank’s Tip
d) Eject tool

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Answer: a
Explanation: The cake is discharged by means of a doctor’s knife which scraps the cake from the drum as the drum rolls.

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