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Mechanical Operations MCQ’s – Mixing Basics

1 - Question

Width and speed of a conveyer belt depends upon the ____ of the material.
a) Lump size
b) Bulk density
c) Pressure
d) Temperature

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Answer: c
Explanation: The dimension and operation of a belt depends on the pressure as the pressure increases the speed decrease and vice versa.

2 - Question

The filtrate flow rate in constant pressure filtration _____
a) Continuously increases
b) Continuously decreases
c) Constant throughout
d) No effect

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Answer: b
Explanation: As the filtration proceeds, the cake is formed and the resistance increase due to this reaction the flow rate decreases.

3 - Question

During filtration operation the filtrate mainly encounters the resistance of the _____
a) Filter medium
b) Cake
c) Channel
d) No resistance

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Answer: b
Explanation: Filtration in any filter that forms cake is prone to resistance as the deposited impurity on the cloth or plate as cake is formed.

4 - Question

The specific cake resistance for compressible sludge, is a function of the pressure drop _____
a) Over cake
b) Over medium
c) Overall
d) Rate

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Answer: a
Explanation: The cake which is formed for a compressible sludge the pressure drop over cake is proportional to it.

5 - Question

 The controlling resistance in the rotary drum vacuum filter is the _____ resistance.
a) Piping
b) Cake
c) Filter medium
d) Rate

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Answer: b
Explanation: The only controlling factor in a rotary drum is the rotary drum is the cake, filter medium is used to reduce cake formation.

6 - Question

 The cake resistance increases steadily with the time of filtration in plate and frame filter employing constant________ filtration.
a) Rate
b) Temperature
c) Flow
d) Density

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Answer: a
Explanation: For a constant rate filtration cake formation is a function of rate at which the filtrate is flowing through the filter.

7 - Question

Vibrating screens have capacity in the range of tons/ft2 of ____ mm mesh size.
a) 0.2 to 0.8
b) 4 to 25
c) 50 to 100
d) 100 to 250

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Answer: a
Explanation: Vibrating screens have a capacity of 0.2 to 0.8 T/ft2 of materials, as the feed increases above this point efficiency decreases.

8 - Question

Addition of filter aid to the slurry before filtration is done to ______ of the cake.
a) Porosity increases
b) Compressibility coefficient increases
c) Porosity decreases
d) Compressibility coefficient decreases

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Answer: a
Explanation: The main task of a filter aid is to reduce the compactness of cake i.e. to reduce the porosity and maintain the filtration rate.

9 - Question

Sphericity for a non-spherical particle is given by ______
a) 6V/DS
b) V/6DS
c) DS/V
d) V/DS

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Answer: a
Explanation: The sphericity is mathematically defined as 6V/DS, where involving factors are volume, diameter and surface area.

10 - Question

Maximum size reduction in a ball mill is done by the _________ action.
a) Attrition
b) Compression
c) Impact
d) Cutting

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Answer: c
Explanation: The ball mill is based on the phenomenon of the impact, these consists of iron balls that are fed with the material.

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