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Mechanical Operations MCQ’s – Medium Peripheral Speed Mill

1 - Question

 Heavy particles have relatively faster velocity that light particles.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: As the heavier particle are having more weight the more tendency to get down to the bottom of the settling tank as compared to light particles.

2 - Question

A material has an initial acceleration of _____
a) g
b) g [1- p/Pa]         
c) g [Pa/p]         
d) P

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Answer: b
Explanation: A particle of material ‘A’ will have an initial acceleration of g [1- p/Pa], because there is no fluid friction and only depends on density.

3 - Question

If width resembles the capacity, then length resembles ___
a) Holding
b) Efficiency
c) Tracing
d) Screening

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Answer: b
Explanation: The width gives us the idea about the capacity how much a screen can hold whereas the length makes a guess of the efficiency the longer the path the better it is.

4 - Question

Which of the following can be used for separation of pulp?
a) Elutriator
b) Drag classifier
c) Liquid cyclone
d) Cone classifiers

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Answer: d
Explanation: The cone classifiers are not suitable for pulp having a tendency to build mud banks, it requires more operating attention than mechanical classifiers.

5 - Question

 While screening, the material which is left on the screen is called as ____
a) Overflow
b) Underflow
c) Heavy
d) Light

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Answer: a
Explanation: The material retained on the screen is called as overflow or undersized as they did not pass through the screen size of that particular equipment.

6 - Question

Drag classifiers sizes up to ___
a) 10*41 ft2
b) 20*81 ft2
c) 50*74 ft2
d) 11*21 ft2

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Answer: a
Explanation: Modern design and materials of construction permits sizes up to 10 ft. wide and 41 ft. long on steeper than average slopes and very high tonnage.

7 - Question

Which is best of the following for fine separation?
a) Tumbler mill
b) Drag classifier
c) Rake classifier
d) Dorr classifier

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Answer: c
Explanation: Separations as fine as up to 325 mesh can be accomplished at reduced tonnage rates, they are generally used for closed circuit grinding.

8 - Question

 For a bowl desiltor, discharge is settled at ___
a) Bottom
b) Periphery
c) Inwards
d) Extruders

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Answer: b
Explanation: In a bowl desiltor, the rotating blades in the bowl plow outward and settled coarse material at the peripheral outlet.

9 - Question

The solid bowl classifier uses principle of ___
a) Raw force
b) Gravitational force
c) Centrifugal force
d) Kinetic energy

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Answer: c
Explanation: Solid bowl classifier or centrifuge uses centrifugal force, it can develop centrifugal forces up to 1800 times the force of gravity.

10 - Question

What is FR?
a) Kinematic force
b) Drag force
c) Fumble force
d) Resistance force

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Answer: a
Explanation: The kinematic force FR can be expressed as FR = AKf, where A is the area of the system and f is the dimensionless parameter and K is kinetic energy.

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