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Mechanical Operations MCQ’s– Cutting Machines

1 - Question

Which of the following is best for charging the particles?
a) Splitter
b) Bombardment
c) Striking
d) Abrasion

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Answer: b
Explanation: Ion bombardment is the strongest and perhaps the most efficient mechanism for charging solid particles.

2 - Question

 If a dielectric and conductor are placed in path of mobile ions, then it will generate _____
a) Semi charge
b) Brake
c) Charge
d) Ions

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Answer: c
Explanation: A dielectric and conductor are when placed in path of mobile ions, a portion of the surface of each particle will be given a strong electrical charge.

3 - Question

If a particle is placed in a grounded surface, then _____
a) Mobiles ions are stopped
b) Charges get renewed
c) Flow of ions gets retarded
d) End of dielectric

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Answer: a
Explanation: If a group of particles is placed on a grounded surface in the path of these mobile ions, it will be found that mobile ions are stopped.

4 - Question

 What does the below diagram represent?

a) Cyclone separator
b) Plate type separator
c) Craved separator
d) Twice separator

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Answer: b
Explanation: The plate type merely consists of two plates that are vertical suspended relatively close to each other grounded one or more positively or negatively charged.

5 - Question

What is the capacity of a rotor type separator?
a) 1500 lb/hr
b) 2000 lb/hr
c) 3000 lb/hr
d) 500 lb/hr

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Answer: b
Explanation: One rotor gives sufficient type of capacity but the material need more than one pass to make a final product, capacities of these machines ranges from 1000 to 2000 lb/hr.

6 - Question

Separation of mixture using flotation depends up on ___
a) Volume
b) Surface
c) Bubble
d) Steep

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Answer: b
Explanation: Separation of a mixture depends up on the difference in the surface properties of the materials involved in separation.

7 - Question

What agent can hold the particle on the fluid surface?
a) Hold agent
b) Bubble agent
c) Grignard’s reagent
d) Forth agent

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Answer: d
Explanation: If a suitable frothing agent is added to the liquid, the particles will be held on the surface by means of the forth.

8 - Question

_____ can increase the angle of contact.
a) Promoters
b) Fainter’s
c) Terminators
d) Forthers

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Answer: a
Explanation: The affinity of particle should be increased towards the fluid these can be done by increasing the angle of contact by adding suitable promoters.

9 - Question

 Which of the following is a known promoter?
a) Sodium ethyl Xanthate
b) Caustic soda
c) Soda Ash
d) M.M.A

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Answer: a
Explanation: A commonly used promoter is sodium ethyl xanthate has the formula Na(S) COC2H5, and
structure shown below.

10 - Question

In sodium ethyl Xanthate, the Xanthate ions are ____
a) Positively charged
b) Negatively charged
c) Neutral
d) Van der Waal forces

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Answer: b
Explanation: In solution this material ionizes giving negatively charged Xanthate ions, the polar end of Xanthate ions is absorbed on new surface.

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