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MCQs on Software Engineering Design Method

1 - Question

Which of these truly defines Software design?
a) Software design is an activity subjected to constraints
b) Software Design specifies nature and composition of software product
c) Software Design satisfies client needs and desires
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: Software design explains all of the statements as its definition.

2 - Question

Which of the following statement is false?
a) A process is a collection of related tasks that transforms a set of inputs to the set of output
b) A design notation is a symbolic representational system
c) A design heuristic is a rule proceeding guidance, with guarantee for achieving some end
d) Software design method is orderly procedure for providing software design solutions

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Answer: b
Explanation: A heuristic is a rule followed but there is no guarantee that we get output.

3 - Question

Which of these describes stepwise refinement?
a) Nicklaus Wirth described the first software engineering method as stepwise refinement
b) Stepwise refinement follows its existence from 1971
c) It is a top down approach
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: It is top down approach and not bottom up.

4 - Question

What is incorrect about structural design?
a) Structural design introduced notations and heuristics
b) Structural design emphasis on procedural decomposition
c) The advantage is data flow representation
d) It follows Structure chart

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Answer: c
Explanation: The biggest drawback or problem is a data flow diagram of structure design.

5 - Question

What is the solution for Structural design?
a) The specification model following data flow diagram
b) Procedures represented as bubbles
c) Specification model is structure chart showing procedure calling hierarchy and flow of data in and out of procedures
d) Emphasizing procedural decomposition

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Answer: c
Explanation: It is solution to central problem. Rest others are problems.

6 - Question

Which of these are followed by the latest versions of structural design?
a) More detailed and flexible processes
b) Regular Notations
c) Wide support by CASE(Computer Aided Software Engineering)
d) Wide support by CASE, More detailed and flexible processes

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Answer: d
Explanation: Notations used are more specialized and sophisticated one.

7 - Question

Which of the following is an incorrect method for structural design?
a) Transition of problem models to solution models
b) Handling of larger and more complex products
c) Designing Object oriented systems
d) More procedural approach

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Answer: b
Explanation: It does not account for larger and complex products.

8 - Question

What is followed by the design task?
a) Choosing specific classes, operations
b) Checking model’s completeness
c) Following design task heuristics
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: All of these tasks are followed by a design task.

9 - Question

Which of this analysis are not acceptable?
a) Object oriented design is a far better approach compared to structural design
b) Object oriented design always dominates structural design
c) Object oriented design are given more preference than structural design
d) Object oriented uses more specific notations

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Answer: b
Explanation: Though object oriented design is considered a far better approach but it never dominates structural approach.

10 - Question

Which of these does not represent object oriented design?
a) It follows regular procedural decomposition in favor of class and object decomposition
b) Programs are thought of collection of objects
c) Central model represents class diagrams that show the classes comprising a program and their relationships to one another
d) Object-oriented methods incorporates Structural methods

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Answer: a
Explanation: It does not follow regular procedural decomposition.

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