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MCQs on Evaluating and Selecting Requirements

1 - Question

What considerations should be accounted for while evaluating requirements?
a) The degree to which the alternative meets stakeholder needs
b) The priority of the needs met
c) The quality of the alternative with respect to basic principles of product design
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: All the considerations are to be followed while evaluation of requirements.

2 - Question

Stakeholders can be involved in evaluating design alternatives in what ways?
a) Stakeholder surveys
b) Usability Studies
c) None of the mentioned
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: Both of the choices are different ways in which stakeholder can contribute.

3 - Question

Which of these does not belong to the basic principles of good product design?
a) Adequacy
b) Feasibility
c) Portability
d) Economy

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Answer: c
Explanation: Portability is not a part of good product design.

4 - Question

Which is incorrect among the following choices?
a) Adequacy – Design that meets more stakeholder needs, subject to constraints, are better
b) Feasibility – Simpler designs are better
c) Beauty – Beautiful designs are better
d) None of the mentioned

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Answer: b
Explanation: Feasibility : A design is acceptable only if it is realized.

5 - Question

Selection of candidate requirements can be made by which parties?
a) Stakeholders
b) Designers
c) Testers
d) Stakeholders & Designers

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Answer: d
Explanation: Parties like stakeholders and designers follow selection procedure.

6 - Question

Techniques for selecting alternative requirements?
a) Stakeholder participation
b) Crucial expectation
c) Multidimensional ranking
d) Pros and Cons

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Answer: a
Explanation: Stakeholder participation is not a technique.

7 - Question

Which of these are included in the multidimensional ranking?
a) It includes scoring matrix
b) It provides objective base for making the selection
c) Alternative receives weighted scores for each selection criterion
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: d
Explanation: All choices are included in the multidimensional ranking

8 - Question

What is false about pros and cons technique?
a) Selectors list each alternatives advantages and disadvantages
b) Technique is slow and not easy to use
c) Selection is made by consensus or vote
d) The results depends more on the persuasiveness of individual team member than on the objective quality of alternative designs

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Answer: b
Explanation: Technique is fast and easy to use.

9 - Question

What is the scoring matrix?
a) Scoring matrix are included in pros and cons
b) Scoring matrix evaluates based on numerical data
c) Scoring matrix is a table showing alternative requirements in columns and weighted selection criteria in the rows
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: c
Explanation: Choice c is true rest all are false.

10 - Question

Which of the following statement is not true?
a) Once alternative requirements have been selected for inclusion in the design solution, they can be prioritized in case some must later be thrown out or deferred
b) Multidimensional ranking can be done using scoring matrices
c) Either of Stakeholders or designers can select alternative requirements
d) All of the mentioned

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Answer: c
Explanation: Stakeholders, designers, even both can select alternative requirements.

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