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MCQs on Cytogenetics

1 - Question

What is Cytogenetics?
a) Genetic disorders
b) Phenotypic variation
c) Study of chromosomes
d) Qualitative traits

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Answer: c
Explanation: Cytogenetics is the study of the function, structure, and abnormalities of the chromosomes. It is the combination of cytology and genetics.

2 - Question

. Human consists of 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs of chromosomes.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: Tijo and Levan (1956) of Sweden had discovered that human cells consist of 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 chromosomes.

3 - Question

The diagram which shows the arrangement of metaphasic chromosomes according to their position of centromere is called________
a) Histogram
b) Karyogram
c) Dendrogram
d) Ideogram

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Answer: d
Explanation: Ideogram is a photograph or a diagram of all Metaphasic chromosome arranged in homologous pair as per decreasing order of their centromeres.

4 - Question

Which of the following designation has given to human female chromosomes?
a) XX
b) XY
c) XO
d) ZZ

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Answer: a
Explanation: Humans consist of two similar chromosomes(XX) for female sex chromosome and two dissimilar chromosome (XY) in male.

5 - Question

. Which of the following is NOT the dye-based chromosome banding?
a) Giemsa
b) Reverse
c) Centromere
d) Metacentric

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Answer: d
Explanation: Chromosome banding is a differential staining procedure which separates the chromosome along the longitudinal axis. The most common banding procedure is dye-staining, which is of four types, i.e. giemsa, centromere, reverse, and quinacrine.

6 - Question

Name the term which defines the presence or absence of extra copies of a few chromosomes.
a) Extranuclear inheritance
b) Aneuploidy
c) Euploidy
d) Diploid

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Answer: b
Explanation: Ploidy is defined as the numerical changes in chromosome numbers. It is basically of two types, euploidy involve a complete set of a chromosome, while aneuploidy refers to the presence and absence of a few copies of chromosomes but not a whole set.

7 - Question

Alteration in which of the following chromosome shows Down syndrome?
a) Sex chromosome
b) 18
c) 21
d) 13

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Answer: c
Explanation: Down syndrome is an autosomal aneuploidy disorder in human beings. The presence of an extra chromosome in 21st number of chromosome makes total chromosome number 47.

8 - Question

Mark the INCORRECT statement about Edward’s syndrome.
a) Trisomy of chromosome 18
b) Mental and motor retardation
c) Dwarfism
d) Clenched hand and overlapping fingers

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Answer: c
Explanation: Edward’s syndrome is the second most common autosomal aneuploidy, which involves trisomy in chromosome 18.

9 - Question

Which of the following is CORRECT for Turner syndrome?
a) Slanting eyes
b) Autosomal aneuploidy
c) Suppressive
d) Retarded sexual development

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Answer: d
Explanation: Turner syndrome is sex chromosomal aneuploidy, which is characterized by the absence of an X chromosome making total chromosome number 45. These are females with retarder sexual development.

10 - Question

Which of the following chromosomal aberration shows pseudodominance?
a) Deletion
b) Duplication
c) Inversions
d) Translocation

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Answer: a
Explanation: Deletion in heterozygous allele cause a recessive allele to become expressed phenotypically which causes pseudodominance.

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