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Hazardous Waste Management MCQs – Rules – Hazardous Waste Management

1 - Question

When did Hazardous waste management act enacted in India? a) 1988 b) 1989 c) 1990 d) 1991
View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Hazardous Wastes Management and Handling Rules came into existence on 1989 in India and is responsible for safe management of hazardous waste.

2 - Question

Who is responsible for safe disposal of the generated hazardous waste? a) Generator b) Receiver c) Waste facility d) TSDF
View Answer Answer: a Explanation: The generator is responsible for the safe disposal of waste being produced by them and also is accountable for the clean-up in case of an accident.

3 - Question

Trivalent Chromium Waste is hazardous waste. a) True b) False
View Answer Answer: a Explanation: EPA excludes certain solid wastes from hazardous waste when a material does not define hazardous waste. It is not hazardous, even if the material technically meets a listing or exhibits a characteristic of HW.

4 - Question

The activities of hazardous waste management facility are ________ a) OPA b) HAS c) TSD d) SOS
View Answer Answer: c Explanation: Hazardous waste management facilities receive hazardous wastes for treatment, storage or disposal. The aim is to carry out activities without effecting ecosystems.

5 - Question

What is the goal of Hazardous Waste Management Unit? a) Protect health and environment by risks of HW b) Chemical analysis c) Import d) Export
View Answer Answer: a Explanation: EPA established design and operating requirements of HWMU to protect human health and environment by the risks posed by hazardous waste.

6 - Question

Regulations for waste management is provided under subtitle C of _______ a) CERCLA b) NPL c) HPL d) RCRA
View Answer Answer: d Explanation: Specific regulations have been developed for several types of hazardous waste management units under Subtitle C of RCRA.

7 - Question

Landfills are engineered for liquid waste. a) True b) False
View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Landfills are designed for solid hazardous wastes, which meets all the criteria for disposal on landfill.

8 - Question

Tracking of the hazardous waste is done to prevent _________ a) Export b) Import c) Midnight dumping d) Traffic
View Answer Answer: c Explanation: Tracking of hazardous waste is done to prevent illegal dumping and abandoning of the waste which will be menace to public.

9 - Question

Which form of shipment is common for transport of hazardous waste? a) Rail b) Road c) Air d) Inland water
View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Highway shipment is the most common mode of transport, road vehicles can gain access to industrial sites and TSDFs.

10 - Question

Why is manifest system necessary? a) To monitor journey of waste b) To track waste c) To analyse chemicals d) To export
View Answer Answer: a Explanation: The manifest system helps to get rid of the problem of midnight dumping and provides means for determining the type and amount of hazardous waste being generated.

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