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An ____________ repair work is defined as something which could not have been foreseen and which could cause danger to health and property.
a) urgent
b) routine
c) ultimate
d) emergency
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Answer: c
Explanation: Emergency call out contractors will usually make safe to enable full and proper repairs to be undertaken during normal working hours. The types of work they attend include:
• Severe roof leaks
• Burst pipes
• Blocked drains
• Blockage of your only toilet
• Loss of electrical power or light
• Loss of gas
• Loss of heating in cold weather where the temperature is 5 degrees or below and there is no other form of heating available
• Loss of immersion heater if this is the only source for hot water.

2 - Question

These are less urgent repair work that can wait a short time up to 28 days are ____________
a) moderate repair work
b) less urgent repair work
c) routine repair work
d) urgent repair work
View Answer Answer: c
Explanation: Before being dealt with and include minor problems with toilets, baths, sinks, doors or windows sticking, plaster repairs, brickwork, and other nonurgent internal and external repairs.

3 - Question

Which among these is not considered as classification of works according to their cost?
a) Major work
b) Minor work
c) Petty work
d) Grand work
View Answer Answer: d
Explanation: Major work – The work costing more than Rs.22 lakhs is termed as Major work, and the estimate for such work is known as Major estimate. Minor work – The work costing more than Rs.50000 but not exceeding Rs.2 lakh is termed as Minor work, and the estimate for such work is known as a minor estimate. Petty work – The work whose cost does not exceed Rs.50000 is termed as Petty work, and the estimate for such work is known as Petty estimate.

4 - Question

What are the employees know as, who are employed directly on the work for the actual execution of a specific work?
a) Co-workers
b) Assistant
c) Work charged Establishment
d) Work in-charge
View Answer Answer: c
Explanation: Usually, work-supervisors, chaukidars, mates, mistris, etc, are employed as wrokcharged establishment. Their pay is charged direct to the work for which provision is made in the estimate of the work by adding 2% to 3% over the estimated amount of the work.

5 - Question

_______________ is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids.
a) drilling
b) carpentry
c) masonry
d) plumbing
View Answer nswer: d
Explanation: Heating and cooling (HVAC), waste removal, and potable water delivery are among the most common uses for plumbing, but it is not limited to these applications. The word derives from the Latin for lead, plumbum, as the first effective pipes used in the Roman era were lead pipes. In the developed world, plumbing infrastructure is critical to public health and sanitation. Boilermakers and pipefitters are not plumbers, although they work with piping as part of their trade, but their work can include some plumbing.

6 - Question

Which work involves the use of spanner/pipe wrenches?
a) Masonry
b) Plumbing
c) Carpentry
d) Masonry
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: The pipe wrench (US), Stillson wrench or Stillsons (UK) is an adjustable wrench/spanner used for turning soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. The design of the adjustable jaw allows it to lock in the frame, such that any forward pressure on the handle tends to pull the jaws tighter together. Teeth angled in the direction of turn dig into the soft pipe.

7 - Question

In P.W.D, name the person who submits the budget.
a) Superintending Engineer
b) Executive Engineer
c) Secretary of P.W.D
d) Chief Minister
View Answer Answer: c
Explanation: P.W.D is headed by the Director General (DG) who is also the Principal Technical Advisor to the Government of India. The regions and sub-regions are headed by Special DGs and Additional DGs respectively, while the zones in all state capitals (except a few) are headed by Chief Engineers. Now A Days, a new post of Chief Project Manager (CPM) has been created to head major prestigious projects of CPWD. CPMs are equivalent to the rank of Chief Engineers in CPWD.

8 - Question

These are repairs which materially affect your comfort or convenience. In certain circumstances these repairs could be treated as emergencies.
a) False
b) True
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Answer: a
Explanation: The list includes:
• Partial loss of electrical power or light
• Unsafe power, lighting socket or electrical fitting
• Partial loss of water or gas supply
• Loss or partial loss of space or water heating
• Blocked or leaking drains, or soil stack
• Toilet blocked or not flushing
• Blocked sink, bath or basin
• Tap which cannot be turned
• Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
• Leaking roof
• Insecure external window, door or lock
• Loose or detached stair hand rail
• Rotten timber floor or stair tread
• Door entry phone not working
• Extract fan not working in a kitchen or bathroom with no other ventilation.

9 - Question

Which department deals with water supply, sanitary work?
a) Public Health Engineering Department
b) Irrigation Department
c) Canal Department
d) Public Work Department
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is a public agency in Pakistan and India that is responsible for rural water supply. During natural disasters the agency has the responsibility to get drinking water to the public as well as collaborating with aid organisations for this purpose. For example during a cyclone in Sindh in 2007 PHED submitted a proposal to UNICEF for a permanent solution to clean drinking water Sibi District. The agency also coordinated relief efforts with UNICEF in Ziarat District during the 2008 earthquake. Historically the PHED had been responsible for all water and sanitation projects at the district level, however following the devolution of 2001 become subordinate to elected nazims at district and tehsil level.

10 - Question

Which type of repair work is only carried out once in four years?
a) Urgent repair
b) Quadrennial repair
c) Special repair
d) Moderate repair
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Quadrennial repairs comprising items of works which need only be carried out once in four years, such as painting or varnishing doors and windows or repairing roads.

11 - Question

Which maintenance service is carried out to maintain the aesthetics of buildings and services?
a) Special repair
b) Day to Day Repairs
c) Additions and Alterations
d) Preventive Maintenance
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: This maintenance service is carried out to maintain the aesthetics of buildings and services as well as to preserve their life, some works like white washing, distempering, painting, cleaning of lines, tanks, etc. are carried out periodically. These works are planned on year to year basis.

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