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Civil Engineering Drawing MCQ’s – Residential Accommodation for Various Classes of Employees

1 - Question

For type 3rd what will be the pay range?
a) 251/- to 400/-
b) 500/- to 700/-
c) 350/- to 780/-
d) 290/- to 600/-
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Accommodation is two rooms, kitchen, store, verandah, bath and W.C. Floor area = 48.5 sq. m Plinth area = 58 sq. m S.S; 65 sq. m D.S.

2 - Question

What should be the minimum size of bath?
a) 1.5 m * 1.25 m
b) 4.5 m * 2.5 m
c) 115 m * 125 m
d) 0.5 m * 2.5 m
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Minimum size of W.C. – 1.5 m * 1.1 m and minimum size of combined bath and W.C.- 37 sq. m.

3 - Question

You are asked to construct a massive dam, the type of cement you will use, is?
a) Ordinary Portland cement
b) Blast furnace slag cement
c) White cement
d) Low heat cement
View Answer Answer: d
Explanation: Dam construction will involve mass concreting where heat of hydration is the major concern which if not monitored will cause crack in the bulk of the dam which is undesirable, hence low heat cement is preferable in this type of concreting.

4 - Question

The expected out turn of cement concrete 1 : 2 : 4 per mason per day is ________
a) 6.5 m3
b) 1.5 m3
c) 2.5 m3
d) 5.0 m3
View Answer Answer: d
Explanation: 1 : 2 : 4 concrete, 1m3 need Labour constant. Mixing concrete – 3.00 hour/m3. Lifting and carrying concrete – 1.20 hour/m3. compacting concrete – 0.80 hour/m3. leveling surface of concrete – 0.10 hour/m3. Total = (3+1.2+0.8+0.1) = 5.

5 - Question

Residential building for officials are used to be planned on the basis of the income which is 10% of their salary.
a) True
b) False
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Due to tremendous increase in the cost of construction it is not possible to plan the building on the basis of income from rent as it will be a too small building.

6 - Question

For pay range below Rs.110/- accommodation will be a room and cooking verandah room, bath and W.C.
a) True
b) False
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Floor area = 22.5 sq. m Plinth area = 30 sq. m S.S; 34.5 sq. m D.S.

7 - Question

For low income group houses, sufficient shelving arrangement with storage space shall be provided in the kitchen.
a) True
b) False
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: A cup board with fly proof wire netting will be a very useful amenity in the kitchen. In the living room a cup board in one of the internal partition walls with shutters opening in the moving space should be provided.

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