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Chemical Technology MCQ’s – C2 Compounds – Vinyl Acetate

1 - Question

What is the molecular weight of vinyl acetate?
a) 86
b) 85
c) 70
d) 69
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Chemical formula of vinyl acetate is CH3COOCH=CH2. It contains 4 carbon atoms, 6 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms with 12, 1, and 16 as their atomic weights respectively. Hence the molecular weight is 12*4+1*6+16*2 = 86.

2 - Question

Match the following?

Chemical                                                       Appearance
I. Mono ethanol amine                 i. Pale Yellow oil
II. Di ethanol amine                      ii. Colorless crystals
III. Tri ethanol amine                  iii. Colorless viscous oil
a) I-iii, II-i, III-ii
b) I-iii, II-ii, III-i
c) I-i, II-ii, III-iii
d) I-ii, II-i, III-iii

View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Appearance of mono, di, and tri ethanol amines are colorless viscous oil, colorless crystals, and pale yellow oil. All are soluble in water and alcohol.

3 - Question

Catalyst used in the oxyesterification process, raw materials being ethylene and oxygen is _______________
a) Platinum chloride
b) Antimony chloride
c) Palladium chloride
d) Gold (II) chloride
View Answer Answer: c
Explanation: New oxyesterification processes has only ethylene and oxygen as reactants and react in presence of palladium chloride to produce vinyl acetate and water.

4 - Question

Which is the most economical process for manufacturing acetaldehyde?
a) Hydration of acetylene
b) Hydration of acetic acid
c) Hydration of formic acid
d) Hydration of ethylene
View Answer Answer: d
Explanation: Hydration of ethylene is the most economical process as ethylene is cheaper than acetylene. Hence acetaldehyde is produced from ethylene and water using cupric chloride as catalyst.

5 - Question

Which of the following column is not observed in acetaldehyde manufacture?
a) Compressor
b) Stripper
c) Regenerator
d) Scrubber
View Answer Answer: d
Explanation: Acetaldehyde manufacturing process contains a compressor, reactor, cyclone separator, product separator, stripper, 2 pumps, regenerator, and cyclone separator.

6 - Question

Ammonolysis is an exothermic reaction.
a) False
b) True
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Ammonolysis is an exothermic reaction, so heat must be removed from the reactor in the production process of ethanol amines from ethylene oxide and ammonia (aqueous).

7 - Question

Tri ethanol amine is not available in the form of technical grade.
a) False
b) True
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Tri ethanol amine is available in technical grade with 80% purity (mono and di ethanol amines as impurities). 98% high purity grade is also available.

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