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Chemical Technology MCQ’s – C1 Compounds – Chloromethanes

1 - Question

What is the molecular weight of chloroform?
a) 119.5
b) 50.5
c) 85
d) 154
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: Molecular formula of chloroform isCHCl3. It has 1 Carbon atom, 1 hydrogen atom, and 3 chlorine atoms; hence the molecular weight of methanol is 1*12+1*1+3*35.5=119.5.

2 - Question

Which of the following chemical is soluble in water?
a) Methylene Chloride
b) Methyl Chloride
c) Chloroform
d) Carbon tetrachloride
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Methyl chloride is soluble in water whereas Methylene chloride, chloroform, and carbon tetra chloride are miscible with alcohols and ethers and slightly soluble in water.

3 - Question

Which of the following product statements regarding chloro methane’s are wrong?
a) Chlorinated methane’s are used as solvents
b) Methane chlorination is an endothermic reaction
c) Azeotropic mixture of HCl-H2O is circulated in the tower, if dry HCl is required
d) Caustic soda solution is used to remove HCl and CO2 from chlorinated gases
View Answer Answer: b
Explanation: Methane chlorination is an exothermic reaction; hence it is a wrong statement. The heat evolved is recovered and used for preheating the inlet gas.

4 - Question

Identify i, ii, iii with the help of following statements?
Statement i: Chlorination takes place and heat is recovered.
Statement ii: Tower in which hydrochloric acid is recovered.
Statement iii: Tower in which hydrochloric acid and carbon dioxide are removed

a) Adiabatic furnace – reactor – Neutralizer
b) Reactor – neutralizer- absorber
c) Adiabatic furnace – absorber – Neutralizer
d) Reactor – Absorber – fractionators

View Answer Answer: c
Explanation: Chlorination takes place in adiabatic furnace (reactor), the exothermic heat is recovered. Produced Hydrochloric acid is recovered in absorber, HCl and CO2 are removed in neutralizer using caustic soda.

5 - Question

Product ratio varies as methane to chlorine ratio varies in methane chlorination process.
a) True
b) False
View Answer Answer: a
Explanation: The statement is true because basing on product ratio desired, the methane/chlorine ratio is fixed. For feed ratio of 1.8, the product compositions obtained are 60% CH3Cl, 28% CH2Cl2, 9% CHCl3, and 3% CCl4.

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