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Basic Civil Engineering MCQ’s – Types and Uses of Paints

1 - Question

 In how many layers is oil paint applied to a surface?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

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Answer: a
Explanation: Three layers of varying compositions are applied. They are primers, undercoats and finishing coats.

2 - Question

Emulsion Paints contain:
a) Nitro cotton
b) Zinc white
c) White lead
d) Polyvinyl acetate

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Answer: d
Explanation: Nitro cotton is an element contained in cellulose paints, zinc white and white lead are components of enamel paints.

3 - Question

Anticorrosive paint is ___________ in colour
a) Blue
b) White
c) Black
d) Yellow

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Answer: c
Explanation: It consists of pigments like chromium oxide, lead or zinc chrome. It is mixed with sand and added to the paint. These pigments make the paint blackish in colour.

4 - Question

In which of the below, it is not necessary to remove existing paint to apply a new one?
a) Aluminium paints
b) Cement paints
c) Oil paints
d) Enamel paints

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Answer: b
Explanation: They are suitable for painting fresh plasters having high alkalinity. They can be directly applied on existing paint, hence they are economic.

5 - Question

Synthetic rubber paints are prepared from:
a) Resin
b) Rubber
c) Synthetic fibres
d) Polyvinyl Chloride

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Answer: a
Explanation: Synthetic rubber paint is prepared from resins. These are chemically resistant and offer protection against heavy rain, sunlight.

6 - Question

Cement paints require a smooth surface to be applied on.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: b
Explanation: Cement requires a rough surface for its application. It can adhere better onto rough surfaces than smoother ones.

7 - Question

What is used to make paints odourless to an extent?
a) Flat latex
b) Celluloid sheets
c) Acrylic compound
d) Plioway resins

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Answer: d
Explanation: These eliminate the odour present in alkyd, stain blocking primers. It also aims to reduce VOC content (volatile organic compound), which is harmful.

8 - Question

Spray painting is used to:
a) Apply paint without touching surface
b) Apply large amount of paint
c) Reach high areas
d) Get textured paint

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Answer: a
Explanation: Spray painting delivers a small amount of paint and gives the surface a smooth finish. Rollers are used to reach high areas.

9 - Question

The open-time of paint can be extended by adding white spirit.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: Open-time is the time interval, after the application of liquid paint, during which other paint can be applied to give artistic effect. White spirit, Dowanol can be used. These allow different layers of wet paints to mix together and give a textured appearance.

10 - Question

 Which of the below has a sheen and is highly washable?
a) Acrylic flat
b) Acrylic eggshell
c) Acrylic satin
d) Acrylic gloss

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Answer: c
Explanation: It has a satin finish. Compared to other types, it is more durable and washable.

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