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Basic Civil Engineering MCQ’s – Rubber

1 - Question

Natural rubber contains polymers of an organic compound:
a) Polyprene
b) Neoprene
c) Thiokol
d) Isoprene

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Answer: d
Explanation: Rubber primarily consists of Isoprene. It may contain certain impurities like organic compounds and water.

2 - Question

Rubber is extremely water-proof.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: Rubber consists of mainly hydrocarbons. It also contains resins, fatty acids and sterols. These provide water proofing quality to rubber.

3 - Question

 What is added to rubber to make it a thermosetting polymer?
a) Potassium
b) Sulphur
c) Sodium
d) Phosphorous

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Answer: b
Explanation: The process of vulcanization makes rubber get converted into a heavily cross-linked, insoluble and infusible compound. It is done by adding sulphur and litharge (PbO).

4 - Question

Rubber latex is used for:
a) Bonding wood plys
b) Bonding rubber to walls
c) Bonding rubber to wood
d) Bonding tools

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Answer: c
Explanation: It is a solution of rubber hydrochloride. It has a sticky texture and has excellent adhesive property.

5 - Question

Rubber seed oil can be used in:
a) Paint
b) Medicine
c) Varnish
d) Fuel

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Answer: a
Explanation: It can be used as a semi-drying oil in paints. It partially hardens when exposed to air unlike other drying oils in the paint.

6 - Question

Recycled crumb rubber can be used in:
a) Plastering
b) Mortar
c) Paints
d) Concrete

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Answer: d
Explanation: Good compressive strength results were obtained when 25% of sand was replaced by rubber. It is economical and conserves sand usage.

7 - Question

What is resilience?
a) Strength
b) Elasticity
c) Soundness
d) Durability

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Answer: b
Explanation: When rubber is subjected to a load, it deforms. On removal of the load, it returns back to its original shape and size. This property is resilience.

8 - Question

Rubber bricks are generally used for:
a) Roofing
b) Walls
c) Floorings
d) Lining pizza ovens

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Answer: c
Explanation: Rubber bricks are manufactured from recycles tyres. They are resistant to water and don’t become slippery when wet. They are extensively used as flooring in toilets, pavements and horse stables.

9 - Question

Hardness of rubber is measured on which scale?
a) Rockwell scale
b) Shore scale
c) Mohr’s scale
d) Vicker’s scale

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Answer: b
Explanation: Hardness is measured in terms of durometer on a shore scale. Shore A is used for soft to medium-hard rubber. Solid rubber has a hardness of 40 duro.

10 - Question

 Rubber wood is eco-friendly and easily available.
a) True
b) False

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Answer: a
Explanation: Unlike other trees have grown solely for timber purpose, rubber tree provides latex also. After 25-30 years, its latex yields become lower and they are felled. They are replanted after that.

11 - Question

 Synthetic rubber is also called:
a) Gum rubber
b) Caoutchouc
c) Buna-S
d) Gum elastic

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Answer: c
Explanation: It is sold under different names. Some of them are neoprene, buna-s, hypalon, silastic, etc. Gum rubber, caoutchouc and gum elastic are names used for natural rubber.

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