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Data Structure MCQ

1. Abstract Data Types

Array and Array Operations
Stack Operations – 1
Stack Operations – 2
Stack Operations – 3
Queue Operations
Singly Linked Lists Operations – 1
Singly Linked Lists Operations – 2
Singly Linked Lists Operations – 3
Singly Linked Lists
Doubly Linked Lists
Circular Linked Lists
Stack using Array
Stack using Linked List
Queue using Array
Queue using Linked List
Priority Queue
Double Ended Queue (Dequeue)
Queue using Stacks
Stack using Queues

2. Application of Stacks

Decimal to Binary using Stacks
Evaluation of an Infix Expression (Not Parenthesized)
Evaluation of a Prefix Expression
Evaluation of a Postfix Expression
Infix to Prefix Conversion
Infix to Postfix Conversion
Prefix to Infix Conversion
Postfix to Infix Conversion
Towers of Hanoi
Reverse a Word using Stack
Balanced Parenthesis

3. Arrays Types

Bit Array
Dynamic Array
Parallel Array
Sparse Array
Suffix Array
Sparse Matrix
Count Inversion
Rotation Array Operation
Reversal Array Operation
Number of Jumps to Reach End-array Operation

4. Types of Lists

Skip List
Self Organizing List
Xor Linked List
Free List

5. Binary Trees

Binary Trees using Array
Binary Trees using Linked Lists
Binary Tree Operations
Preorder Traversal
Postorder Traversal
Inorder Traversal
Binary Tree Properties
Binary Search Tree
Balanced Binary Tree
Self Balancing Binary Search Tree
Randomized Binary Search Tree
AA Tree
AVL Tree
Cartesian Tree
Weight Balanced Tree
Red Black Tree
Top Tree
Splay Tree
Threaded Binary Tree
Tango Tree

6. B-Trees

B+ Tree
2-3 Tree

7. Trees

Ternary Tree – 1
Ternary Tree – 2
K-ary Tree – 1
K-ary Tree – 2
Van Emde Boas Tree
Disjoint-Set Data Structure
KD Tree
Expression Tree

8. Heap

Binary Heap
Weak Heap
Binomial and Fibonacci Heap
D-ary Heap
Ternary Heap – 1
Ternary Heap – 2
Pairing Heap
Leftlist Heap
Skew Heap
Min/Max Heap

9. Trie

Suffix Tree – 1
Suffix Tree – 2

10. Hash Tables

Hash Tables
Hash Tables Chaining using Linked Lists
Hash Tables Chaining using Doubly Linked Lists
Hash Tables Chaining with Binary Trees
Hash Tables Chaining with List Heads
Hash Tables with Linear Probing
Hash Tables with Quadratic Probing
Hashing Functions
Double Hashing
Hash Tree
Min Hash
Direct Addressing Tables

11. Graph

Adjacency Matrix
Incidence Matrix and Graph Structured Stack
Adjacency List
Undirected Graph
Directed Graph
Directed Acyclic Graph
Propositional and Directed Acyclic Word Graph
Multigraph and Hypergraph
Binary Decision Diagrams & and Inverter Graph

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