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Heat Transfer MCQ

1. Definitions and Basic Concepts

Modes of Heat Transfer
Steady and Unsteady Heat Transfer

2. Fourier Equation and Thermal Conductivity

Fourier Equation
Thermal Conductivity of Materials
General Heat Conduction Equation

3. Steady State Conduction

Conduction Through a Plane Wall
Conduction Through a Composite Wall
Conduction Through a Cylindrical Wall
Conduction Through a Sphere
Shape Factor
Effect of Variable Conductivity
Critical Thickness of Insulation

4. Conduction with Heat Generation

Heat Generation Through Plane Wall
Dielectric Heating
Heat Generation Through Cylinder
Heat Generation Through Sphere

5. Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces

Steady Flow of Heat Along a Rod
Heat Dissipation from an Infinitely Long Fin
Heat Dissipation from a Fin Insulated at the Tip
Fin Performance
Design Considerations for Fins
Heat Flow Through Triangular and Parabolic Fins
Thermometric Well

6. Transient (Unsteady State Heat Conduction)

Time Constant
Response of a Thermocouple
Transient Heat with Infinite Conductivity
Transient Heat with Finite Conductivity
Biot Number
Lump System Analysis
Transient Heat Conduction in Infinite Thick Solids
Periodic Variation

7. Radiation : Processes and Properties

Black Body
Spectral And Spatial Energy Distribution
Planck’s Law
Stefan- Boltzman Law
Wein’s Displacement Law
Kirchoff’s Law
Gray Body and Selective Emitters
Intensity of Radiations
Solar Radiations

8. Radiation : Exchange between Surfaces

Heat Exchange Between Black Bodies
Shape Factor
Heat Exchange Between Non Black Bodies
Network Approach for Heat Exchange
Radiations Shields
Adiabatic and Reradiating Surfaces
Gaseous Radiations

9. Convection : Processes and Properties

Types of Flow
Reynolds Number
Types of Convection
Nusselt Number
Newton- Rikhman Law

10. Dimensional Analysis

System of dimensions
Dimensional Homogeneity
Rayleigh’s Method
Buckingham’s Pi- Method
Model Studies and Similitude
Dimensional Analysis – Pros and Cons
Significance of Dimensionless Groups

11. Empirical Correlations for Free and Forced convection

Correlations for Forced Convection
Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

12. Condensation and Boiling

Bubble Growth
Nucleate Boiling
Free Convection Boiling

13. Hydrodynamic and Thermal Boundary Layers

Thermal Boundary Layer
Pohlhausen Equation

14. Heat Exchangers and Mass Transfer

Classification of Heat Exchanger
Mean Value of Capacity Ratio
Mean Temperature Difference
Specific Heat
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Heat Flux Through a Cylindrical Wall and Plate
Heat Exchanger Effectiveness
Number of Transfer Units

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